What do super-rich individuals purchase when they have a carport brimming with Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Bugattis, in addition to a few homes to call their own? Dreamlike everything, clearly. While you're thinking about whether you have enough cash to buy new shoes this month,  the wealthiest people are dropping significant coin on simply the most craziest stuff.



For sure Paris Hilton’s dogs live a better life than most humans. Her unbelievable ‘doggy mansion' costs pretty much than the house of most of us. She revealed that she bought the lavish dog house back in 2009, and paid beautiful $325,000 for the privilege. The property is two-story and it's built-in Spanish colonial style. It features a second-floor balcony that gives its puppies residence a beautiful view of Los Angeles. The entire mansion has built-in air conditioning that is controlled from outside of the house of the walls are painted pink and it's furnished with designer furniture. Her puppies are for sure not missing anything, including balcony and chandelier. Inside this incredible dog mansion currently lives all five of her dogs – but there’s plenty of room for more.



 Nicolas Cage was really born Nicolas Kim Coppola. When entering the Hollywood scene, Nicolas would not like to be related to his well-known uncle, chief Francis Ford Coppola. He wished to make his own notoriety and in this manner took on a phase name: Nicolas Cage. The decision for this last name was not made randomly. Nicolas had consistently been an enormous lover of superheroes and comic books, so he chose to assume the name of one of his top choices: Luke Cage, the superhuman from Marvel Comics. This famous actor made a lot of money during his carrier, so he started collecting what he loves – Comic books,  starting from Detective Comics, No. 38, in which Batman’s sidekick Robin appears for the first time. As the issues with stealing happened, he didn’t want to make his house a desirable location for thieves, In 2001, Nicolas Cage suddenly auctioned off the rest of his comic book collection for a whopping $1.6 million dollars.



The couple has been staying with Kim’s mom Kris Jenner while work on their new mansion in LA is finished. When the work was done,  they have started buying furniture and fittings for their lavish home. The couple invested over $11 million for the renovation of Bel Air Mansion. When the work was done, it was time for Final touches, no, not choosing paint and furniture, for those two celebs final touches has a completely different meaning than for regular people. For this couple, it implies something unique… Kim and Kanye have spent over $800,000 dollars on gold plated toilets for their dream house!


On the off chance that we needed to crown someone of luxurious big-name buys, the respect would go to Kim Basinger. The famous actress decided to buy herself a town! The entertainer gave manors and chose to purchase a whole town in Georgia for $20 million out of 1989. Ann Basinger said her daughter ''has a real good business head and is always doing something unexpected.''


Katy is definitely someone who knows how to surprise the ones she loves. She bought a 200,000 dollar ticket for space for her ex-husband, Russel Brand in 2010. It’s a hard job to surprise a man who has everything, but she did it. Instead of spending weeks thinking about which watch or suit  she can buy, she decided to do something completely unique. Ticket included 3 days of intense training before he can go on the Virgin Galactic mission.