Veganism, a movement that is increasingly gaining adherence, is a philosophy, a lifestyle that, among other things, seeks to exclude all forms of exploitation and cruelty to animals in food, clothing, or in any other form.

When it comes to a vegan diet, it disregards any product or food that is derived in part or entirely from animals, whether from slaughter, animal products such as eggs and milk, or even animal-tested cosmetics.

When considering adopting a vegan diet, many people only consider the restrictive side of the diet, often believing in the lack of variety and dining options, which is not in line with reality. More and more vegan recipes are made and disseminated by those who practice this practice.

Vegan food is rich and varied and includes sufficient protein sources for the human body’s needs. To demonstrate the possibilities and varieties of dishes, check the following fears, and prove the richness of this type of food:

  1. Chocolate cake with vegan chocolate icing: When we think of chocolate, it is common to relate to the most commonly marketed type: milk chocolate. But in reality, cocoa powder or even dark chocolate does not contain milk in its composition. Ideal option to kill the urge to eat a cake without fault.
  2. Vegan Cheese Bread: Made using the base ingredient of salsa manioc, or baroa potato, this recipe features a cheese bread that will not go cheese, but is a delight. Makes about 20 small bread.
  3. Homemade Granola: A great choice for eating with fruit for breakfast, homemade granola is an economical recipe, yet is high in fiber. It is noteworthy that to be vegan you should not use honey, but corn glucose as suggested by the authors.
  4. Peanut Butter: Ideal for passing on bread and crackers, peanut butter is rich in fiber and protein, and provides satiety for longer, thus avoiding overeating.
  5. Homemade Coconut Milk: Great choice as vegetable milk, homemade coconut milk, as well as tastier and thinner than industrialized milk, offers a multitude of uses in vegan recipes. If stored in the refrigerator in a sterilized jar, it lasts up to 5 days.
  6. Dark chocolate cereal bar: a recipe for energy. Using homemade granola, making these bars becomes even easier. Dark chocolate above 60% is used here. It is worth being aware that although the percentage of cocoa is high, it is not guaranteed to be vegan. Some brands add milk, or even process the product on the same machines as milk chocolates, leaving it with traces of the animal product.
  7. Vegan tofu balls: A great option to serve as a starter, these balls have as main ingredient tofu, soy-based cheese, widely used in Asian cuisine. To make the recipe healthier, bake it instead of frying it.
  8. Spinach Esfirras: Inspired by the famous restaurant chain saunas, this recipe takes spinach as the main stuffing. Rich in nutrients, this vegetable contains high concentrations of vitamins A and B, as well as being a powerful antioxidant.
  9. White Bean and Quinoa Hamburgers with Cucumber Sauce: In addition to being tasty, this hamburger is extremely protein. , omega 3 and omega 6 and is considered one of the most nutritionally complete foods. Here, along with the white beans, it forms a fast-food worshiper hamburger no blemish.
  10. Green mayonnaise ovenfalafel : Salted falafel, sourced from Middle Eastern countries, consists of chickpea fritters with a variety of seasonings. Chickpeas are a source of fiber, protein, and energy. Here is a healthier version: they are baked in the oven.
  11. Mac and Cheese – Vegan Macaroni and Cheese: Once again you should be aware when buying Macaroni: it should be without eggs. For vegan cheese sauce, potatoes and carrots make the creamy base. For optimal consistency, the ingredients must be processed.
  12. Vegan Salpicão: Even the favorite Sunday lunch dish has its vegan version. To serve as shredded chicken, “jackfruit meat” is used, a very common option for supporters of this movement, where pieces of the fruit are cooked in the pressure cooker and seasoned according to personal taste.
  13. Carbonara Pasta: Using eggless pasta, the highlight of this recipe is the sauce, made with vegan cheese or brewer’s yeast, with pieces of vegan bacon, an ingredient made from soy protein.
  14. Conchiglione stuffed with spinach, leeks and tofu cream: an ideal recipe for more special occasions, this classic of Italian cuisine gets its vegan version. To fill the pasta, tofu-based white sauce, soy cheese, leeks, and spinach. Gourmet-looking dish.
  15. Chard Roll with Vegetable Meat: Another more elaborate-looking recipe, chard rolls, rich in antioxidants, is stuffed with vegetable meat, where the raw material is basically soy and wheat.
  16. Pumpkin Gnocchi: Simple to make, with few ingredients but with a striking flavor, this gnocchi uses pumpkin as a base for pasta. To go with it, tomato sauce is a good choice.
  17. Mushroom-Stuffed Eggplant: The mushroom, a constant presence in vegan recipes, is rich in beta-glucans, a substance that stimulates the immune system, especially cells called natural killers, which destroy cancer cells, and is an adjunct in the treatment of cancer.
  18. Chickpea Pastry: In this recipe, the author teaches how to make a chickpea pie crust as a base. To fill, it is worth using creativity and adding vegetables, vegetables, and even cheese and vegan meat.
  19. Coconut Pudding: Easy and tasty pudding, does not use gelatin as an emulsifier, as it has an animal origin. To leave the pudding in the ideal consistency, agar is used, emulsifier extracted from red seaweed, which has a gelatinous texture.
  20. Vegan Banana Tart: In the base of the dough, margarine, or vegetable cream. For the filling, bananas, lemon and demerara sugar. Besides beautiful and vegan, this recipe is the ideal sweet to receive friends or family: delicious.
  21. Watermelon Scratch: A great choice for warmer days, this scratch card gets a special twist by adding basil and frozen coconut water to the watermelon, resulting in a refreshing and nutritious drink.
  22. Lemon and Kiwi Popsicle: Another recipe for hot days, here the popsicle is made of kiwi and lemon, giving you the option of exchanging basil for mint leaf, or even adding a chocolate cone, but remember: Chocolate also vegan!
  23. Homemade Nutella: The most beloved hazelnut cream in the world also has its homemade and vegan version. To do so, just a few ingredients in a good food processor. It lasts about 30 days in the fridge.
  24. French Toast Pie: Using a vegan French bread, very common in any bakery, as the traditional recipe only takes flour, water, salt, oil, and yeast, it is necessary to check with the establishment at the time of purchase, this french toast brings ingredients such as almond milk, bananas, raisins, and Brazil nuts. Rich in variety and flavors.
  25. Banana and cocoa ice cream with mint and orange syrup: In this recipe, banana is used to make the ice cream base. To make chocolate, just add cocoa. Already for syrup, orange juice or mint leaves beaten with water, thickened with cornstarch.
  26. Banana and Oatmeal Cookies: With few ingredients and easy to make, these cookies are a great choice to accompany breakfast. The mashed banana is the basis of it, and the oatmeal guarantees the crispness the moment it is roasted.

Proving that the vegan diet is varied and rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals, just choose the recipe that suits you best and put this lifestyle into practice.