Dark circles are a problem for many of us. You know that feeling when you look at the mirror and say ‘I really look beautiful today!’, and suddenly you notice dark bags under your eyes and that ruin whole impression.

Skin around eyes is much thinner than the skin around the rest of the body. This means that blood vessels underneath the skin are easily visible on the surface. Basic causes of dark circles are stress which leads to following cause – lack of sleep, unhealthy food, lack of water intake, long hours spent in front of the computer, genetic, prolonged illness…

Now, I would like to share with you some useful tips to get rid of dark circles!



Using potatoes under eyes are proven method for skin brightening and it helps to fade dark circles because it contains natural skin bleaching agents. Putting some potato juice on a cotton pad, or just simply use a slide of potato (fresh or frozen) will give you visible results within 7 days. Not only for dark circles, but you can also use it on any other skin area which is affected by hyperpigmentation.


Caffeine has some anti-inflammatory properties, it stimulates blood circulation, absorb water, and reduce puffiness under eyes. Tannins which is found in coffee helps skin brightening. Moreover, caffeine decreases the development of blood under your eyes which adds to dark circles.

Tea also contains a dose of caffeine, so it’s well recommended to put some tea bags under your eyes. Caffeine is able to get absorbed through the skin surface, and it’s found in many eye creams with help preventing and fighting dark under-eye. 


How many times did we saw fancy pictures of women putting slices of cucumber on eyes while doing a face mask? Actually, it does a very good job for the skin around the eyes! Not only helps to reduce swollen under-eye bags, but it also soothes, moisturizes and hydrates skin. Cucumbers are rich in Vitamin C, which gives a ‘wake up look’ to your skin and brighten it.