Skin is a functioning, living organ that knows to repair and restore itself, knows how to regulate cell turnover, shut all the dead skin cells and to regulate sebum production. All Your skin need is just basic hydration and comfortable environment for it to function. When it comes to skin problems, resulted as inappropriate care, hormonal imbalance, allergies, and so on, we usually don’t trust our skin and we made a lot of mistakes in order to cure it. There are few things you should avoid in your skincare and If you are asking yourself why your skin is not going to better even when you are doing your best, read this.


The mistake all of us were making, or are making right now is over-physically abusing the skin using cotton pads, cotton balls, face towels, etc. Over-use of cotton pads, cleansing wipes, makeup wipes, or any other cleansing cloth to remove the makeup or just clean your face may be very damaging to your skin barrier. Rubbing those items all over the skin really aggressive can lead you to Mild contact Dermatitis, caused by physical action as rubbing and swiping. If you are using cotton pads always use the one that has no emboss or exfoliating texture, and be as gentle as possible. Also don’t rub the skin with a towel after you wash your face, just slowly dap it to dry.


Well, I’m not saying that you need the specifical product for your forehead, cheeks, or your neck. It’s just very important to understand the difference between different areas on your skin, and how they should be treated. Some people have combination skin, and T-zone is a bit more oily and thicker, and you shouldn’t use purifying masks or drying ingredients on more sensitive areas if not needed.


A Lot of people who have acne-prone skin just follow the acne regime and they believe that they need to use every single product in their skincare routine that is made for acne-prone skin, including facial wash, toner, mask, creams… The answer is no. Focussing too much in active ingredients may seriously harm your general skin condition, even if it clears acne – usually only in short terms. You should make your skincare routine according to your skin needs, but don’t exaggerate, because they are stressing your skin out. Recommendation - Try to use more hydrating and moisturizing products, and then combine it with acne product like AHA or DHA.