Productivity is not about doing more, it’s about making more use of your time and being more effective. Many times you didn’t finish what you were supposed to, because of not being organized. So, how to be more organized and improve your workflow? These are few tips which will help you immediately!


Starting from the simplest, write everything down! Don’t depend on those brain cells for absolutely everything. Everything you’ve got going in your life, every little thought, what you have to get done, to pick up… Your brain can’t remember everything. Write it all down, either on your devices or in a notebook. Also put everything in your calendar, buy a small calendar on your home desk or office desk, and always be able to easily check what’s going on next.


If you don’t want to waste your time and energy, set a specific time when you can get multiple things done, batching them together. For example, once you are out to finish one thing, it’s better to stay out longer and stick it with doing another thing that should be done when you are out. So either it’s about answering one email, answer all emails you need with an extra few minutes. Batch your meeting together, batch your calls together, etc. Whatever it is, just don’t switch from one to another, finish at once all your short tasks together, and you will save time and energy.


We can’t have that wonderful 8-9 Hours of sleep every single night. There are times when we can only afford 4-5 hours of sleep, but nobody likes a grumpy cat! Always try to get balanced, because it’s really important. For a more productive day, you have to make your sleep schedule a priority. If it’s on top of your mind, you will make a point of not staying out too late, not to wake up too late, and whatever it is, just try to make your sleep schedule priority, and you will see how energized you will feel, and get everything done easier.


You can’t please everybody all the time, and if you are not pleasing yourself and taking care of yourself first – you can’t take care of anyone else that much. If you love yourself, learn to say No. It is the shortest little word that is probably the most freeing!


There is nothing more rejuvenating than having just a little moment to tuck away in the favorite corner of your house, not having anything on – just silence. How often you expose yourself to silence? It might be eerie at first, and you are not used to it, and you are immediately looking for stimulation. Allow yourself to check out and have some quiet time, meditate, read books, or just be at that moment – you will feel how good that moment is.


The amount of time we waste in our lives just looking for stuff – is tragic! Where are my keys, where are my glasses, where is my book and etc? All this time you can use better and do something for yourself instead. So organize your stuff, know where your things are, find a place for everything, and always find it at the same place its just a satisfying feeling and you will no longer be in a hunt for your things!


Whatever it is to grounds you and spirits you to the place of calm – it’s extremely important. Read faith-based books, go to church, mosque or wherever where you feel a spiritual connection. Sometimes we feel like we are about it lose faith, and we are so frazzled that we can’t take anything anymore there is nothing like getting back to spiritual connections. It reminds you that you can, and you are capable, and to let certain things go.

For a happy, productive, and balanced life you should implement those tips on a daily basis. You will be efficient, getting things done, and most importantly will be a better individual for yourself.