Pimples can just appear and go unpredictably. Even more annoying is the growth of pimples and inflamed stones on your face, this will cause extreme pain.

Often acne is considered a small problem with a large impact. Despite having a small size, for some people, this can make self-confidence decrease, so that it influences in their daily activities.

If you are a person who often experiences this problem, it is better if immediately treated. Of course, handling must be done using methods or methods that are good and right.

It is recommended not to squeeze pimples that are red due to inflammation, this will make the facial skin condition worse and swell. Many ways can be done to deflate stubborn zits.

One of the right ways is to squeeze pimples using natural methods. In addition to curing zits, this will also nourish your skin.

Following is Merdeka.com’s summary of how to naturally reduce acne from several sources:

Lemon water can actually help you to reduce stubborn pimples. When you clean your face, do it using lemon juice.

Lemon juice is believed to reduce oil on your face. To get maximum results, do this method regularly, it will help to reduce your acne naturally.

Acne compress with ice cubes

For those of you who have acne, once again remind you not to squeeze it, because it will make the level of inflammation increases. Instead of squeezing it, how to naturally squeeze pimples using ice cubes in a clean cloth can be done. This ice cube will help you to shrink pores and absorb excess oil on your face.

Cinnamon and Honey Powder

How to squeeze pimples naturally can also be done by making medicinal ingredients from cinnamon powder and honey. The trick is to mix cinnamon powder with honey to taste. Then stir until evenly mixed.

Then apply on the facial skin with acne. This herb can help you deal with inflammation in zits and is able to deflate pimples. You can rinse it tomorrow.

Apple Vinegar Toner

To deflate pimples, you can use apple vinegar as a cure. Apple vinegar that you can use is apple vinegar that has been diluted and becomes a toner. Apple vinegar toner has a less pungent aroma compared to apple cider vinegar itself. The content of malic acid and ACA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) is useful as an anti-bacterial and can help in removing annoying black spots on your face.

So many benefits of garlic which turned out to be very good for the health and beauty of the skin, one of which is to be able to squeeze pimples on your face. Garlic has anti-viral, anti-septic, anti-fungal, and antioxidant properties that are very effective in dealing with many health problems.

Sulfur contained in it can help cure acne quickly. How to use it is by splitting 1 white bottom clove into two parts and sticking it on your zits, then let it sit for five minutes, do it every day to get maximum results.

Not only useful for maintaining a healthy oral cavity and teeth, but toothpaste also has another side, namely the health benefits for the body. Toothpaste apparently can also be used for skin health and beauty, in this case, is to deflate stubborn acne.

However, do not use a toothpaste containing fluoride and menthol because these two ingredients can irritate the skin and cause acne often appear in greater amounts. You can do this method by directly applying it to the zit when you are going to sleep at night. In the morning you can rinse it with clean water.

Reducing Oil, Spicy and Sugar

Generally, acne that grows on your face is the influence of the body’s hormones. It is recommended that you reduce the consumption of oily foods, spicy foods, and sweet foods that contain lots of sugar, including rice and flour. You can replace all those unhealthy foods by eating more fruits and vegetables.

Thus 7 ways to squeeze pimples naturally that do not make you bother that has been Merdeka.com summarized. The method is quite easy to do, right? In addition, the materials used are also very easy to get to the nearest place.

Just a reminder, when you have pimples do not occasionally try to squeeze it. Hopefully, this method can help you to be free from persistent stubborn zits. Good luck soon and good luck.

Acne that appears on the back and buttocks is usually caused by excessive humidity during hot weather. Inflammation due to blocked follicles can also cause acne on the back, chest, buttocks, and even thighs. Letting your body sweat for a long time after exercising can also be a cause of acne.

There are currently many products that can help deal with zits that appear in areas such as the back and buttocks. According to an article reported by Stylecaster, products with ingredients such as tea tree oil that function as antibacterial, witch hazel with cleansing properties, or almond oil can help.

Even some beauty labels have launched sheet masks for buttocks that are efficacious for detoxification. Peel pad that is devoted to certain areas such as buttocks also exists.

Thus brief information about acne on the buttocks and ways to overcome them.