Would you EVER want to pay thousands of dollars to buy a dog?

You know that if you want to follow the latest world trend events, you need a large amount of money. How in the world of fashion, beauty trends, that’s like also in the world of dogs. In fact, today, buying a full-blooded dog will cost you a real fortune.
That's why we decided to introduce you to the five most expensive full-blooded dogs in the world. Of course, we consider that prices can vary, and it depends in which country do you live in.

1. Tibetan mastiff - a million-dollar dog

It can be said that this dog is "dominate" when it comes to price!

The Tibetan mastiff was sold in China for an incredible $ 1.6 million, which makes him the most expensive dog ever. Imagine what could you do with that amount of money, just imagine...

It’s not known why this puppy was so special, but for example, European price for him is from $ 6,000 to $ 7,000. Not only that this dog is the most expensive dog in the world, it’s one of the oldest and largest dogs also. They arise from Nepal and China.

2. Pharaonic dog - dog with the oldest photo in the world

That’s the dog from historical textbooks pictures. Medium size, strong and fast, created for hunting. One of the oldest domesticates a full-blooded dog, with fur whose color varies from brown to golden-red. When they are excited, their ears and nose become pink. 

Well, we can say that they have the oldest photo in the world. Namely, they are mentioned 4000 BC, and you can find them carved on the walls of the pharaonic tombs and Egyptian ancient art. So that’s the reason why you have to spend about $6,500.

3. Akita - a real movie star 

Of all full-blooded dogs which we list, Akita is probably the best-known dog for Hollywood achievement such as Hachiko: The story of a dog.

Namely, Hachiko was following every morning his owner to work at the train station, and he returned to the station at the time when the owner came home from work. When the owner suddenly died, Hachiko waited for years and eventually died at that same station. Later, the locals made a monument to him at that place.

 Otherwise, these dogs are extremely faithful and genuinely protective of their human family, which makes them noble. Akita originates in the northern part of Japan. Get used to low temperatures, with massive heads and thick double fur, they are completely ready for Sibiric conditions. And that's one of the reasons why you'll pay for Akita - movie star for about $4,200.

4. Samoyed - Santa Claus Dog

We know that Santa Claus has a lot of assistants who help during the winter holidays. But did you know that Santa dogs are guardians of the Irvas also?

Samoyed is a dog who lives in Siberia. They were raised with the goal of dragging the sleds, just like the Siberian Husky. You must know that Samoyeds like to dig holes when they're bored. Let's assume that Santa Claus realized that so far.

The interesting thing about this purebred dog is the fact that their hair has antiallergic properties. In some parts of the world, people collect hair which fall-of and used as an alternative to wool for making gloves and scarves. To own this dog, you must surely pay from $4 000 to $10,000.

5. Deutscher Spitz - a small wolf

Pet for takeaway.

Warning: Let their size don’t deceive you. These dogs are the most related to wolves. The current Deutscher Spitz has retained an adventurous and energetic wolf-like nature. This small wolfs are the proud owners of the most magnificent fur in dog history. Their fur and undercoat can be seen in 18 different shades that you will pay even to the $ 2 100.

Dog. Man's best friend

We are sure that you haven’t read this sentence for the first time.
Why what makes a dog so special from other pets?
Throughout human civilization, the man expressed great love for dogs. For thousands of years, a dog has followed the man faithfully.

After all, is it important at all how much money we value a dog? All of them are actually equally. A dog from the street is equal to a purebred dog. 

Our answer to the question - ,,Why the dog is so special pet?’’ has actually a simple explanation. The dog will make you feel joy when no one is. Believe when they say; Who loves a dog, loves people too. The truth is, in fact, that one who learns to love, forget to hate.