Recently,  Amazon is spending $4 billion in expenses to protect employees from COVID-19 while ensuring deliveries continue to flow to clients.

Some Amazon workers may not be coming back to their office for an additional five months following the most recent direction set out by the company.

As The Seattle Times reports, the refreshed direction of no arrival to work until Oct. 2 is fundamentally focused on Amazon's corporate representatives, however, it states explicitly that it identifies with any "representatives who work in a job that should viably be possible from home." An organization representative likewise affirmed that "We are working hard and investing significant funds to keep those who choose to come to the office safe through physical distancing, deep cleaning, temperature checks, and the availability of face coverings and hand sanitizer." Many Amazon employees have been working from home since March. 

Business and government insiders state different organizations and associations are examining correspondingly expanded time spans as they consider the new real factors of the working environment in the COVID-19 era. Much of the focus in the midst of the outbreak has been on improving safeguards in Amazon’s distribution network and retail stores. The organization says it has obtained 100 million face veils for laborers,  and everyday temperature checks for representatives at its tasks destinations and retail locations, including Whole Foods Market, among other activities.