Everyone wants to get rid of unwanted stubborn hairs, and there are many ways for it. Starting from easiest shaving to wax, laser, thread, and many others. This time, we are going to talk about sugaring hair removal. This is one of the most natural ways of removing unwanted hair, and it’s not harmful at all. Sugaring is very popular all over the world and pretty much anyone can do it. One more benefit, sugaring is also very cheap, and you can do it yourself because you can easily make the sugaring mixture with ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

Sugaring is a hair removal technique that is old a thousand years. Historical information - even Cleopatra used sugaring to get rid of unwanted hair. It’s an effective way of removing body hair, and it’s gentle (as much it can be) to your skin. Ingredients you need -  sugar, water, and lemon juice, the mixture can be easily made at home or you can buy ready sugar wax in drugstores. It’s completely different than wax in fact, but the purpose is the same – successful hair removal.

source: projectvanity.com

There are two kinds of sugaring paste, hard and soft. The soft is more liquid and you can’t use it on its own, you need a spatula to spread it, and strips, while the hard one you can use on its own because it’s malleable.


Unlike wax, the sugaring paste is made from natural ingredients. Sugaring is also more gentle on the skin because the paste only adheres to the hair and not to the skin, so you can go over the same areas multiple times, without damaging your skin, unlike with wax, where you can only go over the same area once because of risk of bruising the skin. Sugaring paste is hypoallergenic and more hygienic.

source: nakedtruthbeauty.com