Protein powders are concentrated sources of protein from animal or plant foods. Protein powders originate from a diversity of sources and are accessible in a few formulations. Individuals use them to expand muscle mass, improve overall body organization, and assist meet their protein needs.

There are 3 forms of protein powders:

·         Protein isolates: These powders contain 90-95% protein. This is an extra filtering process that expels more fat and carbs, further concentrating the protein.

·         Protein concentrates: It contains 60-80% of proteins and the rest is composed of fat and carbs.

·         Protein hydrolysates: These are produced by warming with acid or enzymes that break the bonds between amino acids. Hydrolysates are absorbing more rapidly by your body and muscles.

Here is the list of best protein powders.


1 - BEST PROTEIN POWDER FOR MEN - 100% Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder

Your protein needs change by your weight, so some men need a lot. You may need to down two or three shakes per day to hit your protein needs, particularly on the off chance that you train heavy. In case you're drinking that numerous shakes, it assists with having some diversity. With 18 accessible flavors, Gold Standard Whey from Optimum Nutrition is your partner in the battle against protein burnout.

Gold Standard won's protein and supplement of the year from 2005-2014, and it's by far the most popular protein shake among men. This 100% whey mix sets the standard for an adaptable, go-to protein shake. It can be utilized for muscle building, performance, recovery, as well as for staying fit. It is also very mixable.



This whey protein powder is the best for building quality muscle mass since it was explicitly designed for this purpose, not like others made to be utilized for various purposes.

This protein powder has a smart formulation. The 24 grams of protein in each scoop incorporates the amino acids specifically responsible for muscle protein union and 5.5 grams of BCAAs. What separates it from others is the inclusion of whey peptides, which are exceptionally bioavailable and empower better recuperation from intense exercises.


3 - BEST VEGAN PROTEIN POWDER - Garden of Life RAW Organic Meal

Garden of Life RAW Organic Meal contains natural fruits and vegetables, enzymes, probiotics, and a full row of crucial vitamins and minerals, which makes it also a full meal replacement.

Another very important thing is what this plant-based protein does not contain soy, dairy, sugars, artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

 This protein powder has a specific taste because of its natural ingredients and the absence of unnatural flavors.