Visiting a city for the first time sometimes might be so exhilarating. After relaxing and enjoying, one of the main reasons why we take vacations in the first place is one more opportunity to explore freely and take in an entirely new culture. As traveling became a bit different than it used to be, or our financial situation doesn’t support the idea to travel, there is a way to virtually visit some cities, and see plenty of amazing parks and places without leaving your house. Here are some cities we recommend…


This iconic city has many reasons why it’s so famous. The Golden Gate Bridge that stretches across the bay, the cable cars that travel up and down the hills, the most amazing houses of celebrities and etc. Either you are the one who just wants to relax and tan on the beach, or you are a go-getter who wants to see everything – there is something for everyone! Even now when you might be stuck in your country, without the option to travel there are plenty of things to do and see virtually in San Francisco, including a virtual walk across the bridge!


There are certain things that have to be experienced in person when you are in New York City like a walk through Central Park, a ride on the subway and amazing shopping. Even though, you can still experience so many things from the distance – The Big Apple, incredible city tour and a walk through the city streets and tours of the most popular spots of culture and tourism. Once it's safe, consider visiting this beautiful city.


While everyone is focused on Paris when it comes to traveling to France, there are so many options that are worth visiting. The city located right on the coast, with clear blue water, in the South of France, Marseille is a perfect option. As it’s located exactly next to the ocean, seafood is definitely a specialty. Beautiful long beaches will definitely make you want to go swimming! Make your favorite seafood meal, open your device and go for an unforgettable virtual visit!


Sydney definitely offers the chance to get some sunshine and beach weather. The city of Sydney offers numerous things to do and see. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about transportation while sitting on your sofa and seeing all that is there to see! Just looking on that screen with beautiful emerald color water and streets full of people will make you visit Sydney as soon as possible.


A city rich in history and tradition, it should be on your must-visit cities list for so many reasons. Always changing with times, but keeping its uniqueness, it’s pretty clear why London gets as many visitors as it does. When you start exploring London you will see a lot of similarities, and differences as well with American culture and you might be very surprised with them! For the first time, there is nothing wrong with exploring a bit virtually before visiting for real.


The city of Chicago archives a balance between a landscape and cityscape. You will notice a lot of specific sights. Walking on the streets of this city, you may notice that there are no two same buildings at all, which makes it so unique. The Sears Tower offers the best views of the buildings around, and together with the Lake Michigan on the east will definitely take your breath! Take a walkthrough online and explore a lot of sights and neighborhoods.


Located in the center of the Lone Star State, Austin is definitely a city you will remember. It’s rare to pass anywhere without seeing some form of artwork around. Austin blends everything that you would expect from a big city, while also having its “stamp”. There is a phrase which tells you a lot about this city – Keep the Austin weird! With live music as a part of Austin’s culture, you can see and hear musicians perform live on every corner. It’s a city that has a soul, but you can still get a great taste of the city online for now!