Ah, that College! Being a college student may often be overwhelming and stressful. There are so many responsibilities. We have to manage our classes, part-time jobs, homework, studying, free time for friends, and still allow enough time to get a good night’s sleep. Well, how to fit all this in one day?

Having so much on our plate and always keep moving sometimes results in us neglecting to take care of ourselves! However, physically and mentally maintaining ourselves is not something that should be ever left on the side. We have some self-care tips for your happier, healthier and less stressful way to success! Good Luck!


The key to being a successful and organized student is to plan ahead. Use a planner to write down important dates for tests, exams, presentations, etc. Having two or more things going on at the same time it’s not easy to follow, so always write them down to remind yourself. Doing this you will learn time management skills and you will see how everything is getting done on time!


Reading a book is the easiest form of self-care and relaxing as it allows you to escape from real life and have some good quality time. This escape from reality is often necessary when you are feeling stressed and under pressure. There are numerous titles to choose from, but picking a certain genre that you have interests you would probably be the best to combat ay stress and anxiety.

Whether it is studying for a test, preparing for a presentation, or just feeling stressed in general, picking up a book that interests you is always a great solution. Enjoy reading about each character’s lives and the hardships they go through just to achieve success. You may be so inspired after that!


Are you feeling extremely down and you need something to cheer you up because you are worried about the grade you got on the exam you just took? Come on, it’s not end of the world! All three media platforms Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime are rising in popularity due to its never-ending variety of TV shows in many genres ranging from comedy, drama, to romantic and many more. Play something you liked and keep calm, there will be make-up.


Lack of sleep results in less concentration, tiredness, dizziness and etc. So, if you are asking yourself why you are performing worse than before there is an answer. Lack of sleep can be the often ignored reason for our feelings of extreme stress and anxiety. As college students, how many times we stayed up really late studying for exams? Due to achieving good grades, we end up depriving our bodies of some much-needed sleep. This means sacrificing your mental health for a good grade. Whenever you feel you need a power nap to get you through the day, do it.


It’s not good to bottle up your feelings and close up in any case. However, many health professionals have discussed this, and to repeat it once again - talking is essential to sustain mental wellness. So If you are feeling so stressed out, to the point where you need to talk to someone - close friend, siblings, or an adult you trust, just simply go and talk to them!

Don’ be shy and voice your concerns and your feelings, open up and ask questions, say what you are worried about. Even in case they personally don’t have answers, they can help you find some. Having good people by your side to talk to it’s the best way to reduce stress.


The best way to unleash the tension, reduce stress and clear your mind is exercising. Go to the gym, run, do some yoga, just move! Enjoy the workout fun with a friend or even alone. You will combat stress better by doing this as the energy will be built in your body as a result of working out, giving you the motivation that you need to succeed in your college! You will feel lighter, and more energized. This is definitely an essential habit you need as a stressed student.


Drawing and painting will help you explore your creativeness, and help calm your mind and body as well! Everyone has an artistic side, it’s just about bringing it out and enjoying it. Additionally, there are many different forms of painting and drawing so it’s up to you which one you prefer. However, if painting and drawing don’t pick your interest, try something else, for example, photography! As we said everyone has an artistic side, so start exploring different forms of art and add to the fun when spending time with your friends and family!