Do pregnant women with COVID-19 have more severe, less severe or different disease? Does it transmit in utero? Does it cause birth defects? The registry is tracking women and their babies from early pregnancy trough a year postpartum in order to answer these questions. There is a study created at The University of California – San Francisco to track the effects of COVID-19 on pregnant women and newborns. Until now, more than a thousand people have signed up for this study. 

Are pregnant women more at risk to catch COVID-19?

Pregnant women are not more at risk of being infected by this virus than other adults. Women who experienced sympthoms including headaches, body aches and persistent cough are scared for their newborns of catching virus because babies didn’t get immunity and they might get it once they are born.

Is breastfeeding safe?

To protect moms and babies, many hospitals are testing all women who show up to give birth. COVID-19 Positive moms are told by medical professionals each time when they breastfeed to wash their torso and hands, as well as wearing surgical masks.

What you should do?

The initial step is to call your primary care physician's office to advise them regarding your symptoms, if you traveled, or contact with somebody who has an affirmed instance of COVID-19. Don't just go to your primary care physician's office. It is essential to constrain the spread of the infection. Especially in the event that you have side effects, it is ideal to call your PCP first to decide if you need testing as well as to come in for an appointment.

What is your risk if you are pregnant becoming ill, or even confirmed COVID-19?

Until now, there is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted to the unborn child during pregnancy, or during childbirth. Medical specialists are prompting alert that pregnant ladies may be vulnerable to more serious illness if they get COVID-19. However, there is no proof from COVID-19 cases. Given the absence of proof, we prescribe that pregnant ladies keep on social distance and magnificent hand cleanliness. A study of nine pregnant women infected with COVID-19 and had symptoms showed that none of their babies was affected by the virus, the infection was absent in amniotic liquid and newborn’s throats.