While exploring the Planet, there are found many places teeming with either adventure or danger. It probably feels quite impossible that some parts of the planet are still unexplored and covered in mysteries, but there are many. In order to keep people safe, authorities don’t allow even tourist visitation, if you want to find out why – scroll down!


source: researchgate.net

Located about 90 miles off the South Paolo Coast - Brazil. At first sight, it may look like Heaven on Earth, but one walk here can cost you your life. This island bustles with snakes on 500,000 square yards, everywhere around! There are up to 4,000 of the deadliest kinds of snakes, which bite secure you a quick death. Its poison it’s 5 times more powerful than poison from the other snakes. For this reason, Kumada Grande Island is also known as Snake Island and it’s banned from visiting by authorities.


source: newscientists.com

What if we ever run out of a natural resources because of war or some world disaster? Most probably we would die of hunger, but there is a Worlds storehouse existing if you didn’t know! Svalbard Global Seed Vault contains thousands of seeds of every plant on the planet. In case we ever run out of any kind of plant from plant kingdom we can restore it – awesome!


The history of this island is definitely a good material for horror movies. The Island is also called “Shelter for Lost Souls” or “Gates of Hell”. In 1922 a Hospital for the mentally ill people was settled on this island, and an horrid legend started to appear – Doctor who tortured patients by suppose and used them as guinea pigs. Also there was another one about patients and hospital staff seeing Ghosts around the Island. Today this Island is abandoned and everyone is trying to stay away from it.