There are various dangers with cutting your own hair like uneven ends, making it too short and other troubles. This is the reason why ladies go to professional salons. However, cutting a split ends yourself at home with legitimate rules from professionals will help us through until things return to ordinary. The occasions we end up in are far away from typical conditions, even in self-isolation times we want our hair to be healthy and split ends free. In order to keep risks of cutting your hair by yourself a minimum, we will give you a few tips on how to do it. For the beginning, you will need a pointed comb, scissors, some hair clips and a water spray.


Take water spray and make the hair wet, or wash it. Brush the hair very well, to get rid of any knots.

Making your hair wet will help you to get straight lines.


Instead of making yourself regret, and cutting off too much, always trim a little bit and see if you need more, but remember to not try to do any special transformation or even changing the hair style, because you might end up disappointed and waiting for your hair to grow.

 Now, after you did this, follow the instructions depending on your hair length short, long or medium and if you have bangs or no.


-  Take your hair from a center part, and section out a small triangle at front of the head, and keep the rest tied.

- After this, comb the hair in the triangle section forward and take just the center section of the triangle.

-  Start cutting from the center going down to the outer strands, and use this as your guide.

-  Bring the hair in the triangle section all back together, connecting hair you just cut with longer, not touched hair, and cut it even.

-  Comb one side out and, angling the ends up and out with your fingers, use your scissors to cut at a short-to-long angle, still connecting the short section to the old, and repeat this on both sides.

- Check if there is any uneven part, and if there is, make them even by cutting up, not across.


 - Start dividing your hair into 3 sections. Two sections on sides, and one on the back.

- Start with the first section, holding your hair with fingers, cut the desired length, and do same with the second section, check if there is any unevenness brushing it.

- The part on the back tie in small pony-tail and cut the desired length.

- After you did this, place the first part from the front behind your ear, and see if there is any difference between the hair from the back and from the front

- According to How short you want to make it, move the ponytail further up or make it more down for longer hair.


- Brush your hair and separate it like you normally would. ( but suggested on the center)

- Take a scrunchie and make a ponytail.

- Depending on how much you want to make it shorter, pull down the scrunchie, making sure it's tight and straight.

-  Keep the scrunchie 2-3 inches above the part that you want to cut.

- Carefully, bring the hair to the front, Hold the ned between your fingers and cut the desired length.

- Soften the hair ends cutting up, not across, making tiny snips.

- Remove scrunchie and check the results! 

- If desired, curl or straighten your hair.