Google is always good to assist when it comes to finding something you are interested in. Unfortunately, sometimes Google may work against you.

Here is the list of things you should never google.

1 – Your symptoms

There are numerous websites that specialize in health problems content, and obviously, a large portion of them are not managed by medical experts. Looking into the significance of your symptoms on the internet will definitely not support or help you. A remarkable converse — it will make you feel worse and really panicked. If you have any kind of health issues, don’t ask Google doctors but schedule a visit to a real specialist instead.

2 – Skin Condition

There are numerous illnesses and problems associated with the skin, and a large portion of them look downright awful. For unknown reasons, you can discover online pictures of practically every one of them. In any case, it's much better and to remain uninformed about this content since this sort can be very upsetting. Kindly, do not look up for genital infections or diseases either.

3 – Giving birth

When we hear something about childbirth everything about it seems very disturbing to us. Even in the movies when we see a scene where a woman gives birth it is not very pleasant. It all looks really uncomfortable and stressful.  This content especially should not be watched by girls - future mothers, because it can discourage them from having children in the future.

4 – Criminal acts

Sometimes we, out of curiosity, search for some things. But it is not always harmless. If you try to search for something that is connected to the criminal acts, you may have problems. Security and various services always track this type of researches so your IP address will appear in the database. Do not get in trouble out of pure interest.

5 – Cancer

When it comes to this kind of content, the less you know, the better you sleep. There are such a large number of sorts of this sickness, and the majority of them happen with side effects that could be basic for some various harmless conditions. The vast majority experience such things as weakness, dizziness, sickness, and so on, so you'll likely confuse something different with cancer and begin to panic

6 – Dangerous animals

You should really stay away from googling dangerous animals such as snakes if you do not want to get phobias. There is a large number of various animals on our planet and some of them are really scary and very dangerous for life.

7 – Your name

In this internet era, it is no such secret that our privacy and security are questioned. On the off chance that you attempt to google your name, most likely you can discover some upsetting outcomes. You can maybe discover some pictures of you you don't like and don't want to be there. Although it is not a big deal, you will maybe think about it for a long time and you will not feel comfortable because those images or information are so accessible to everyone. Just relax and do not google.