Tea should be drunk daily regardless of whether you have health problems or not. It is well known that teas are very good for our health and wellbeing. Tea cannot just improve your overall health but it also has proved to prevent cancer and tumor. Tea helps in increasing blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, blood sugar, bad cholesterol, and blood fat levels.

Tea as well contains caffeine that assists boost metabolism and increases the fat-burning process. It also slows down the action of digestive enzymes which means that tea prevents your intestines to absorb all the calories which result in losing weight.

In case you have a problem with excess weight, here are 6 best teas that can help you.


Studies have shown that honey causes the body to burn fat at an increased level so it will assist your body to faster get rid of weight excess. Lemon as well has a lot of benefits - it detoxifies, it is good for the liver and digestion, helps to debloat, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol. Lemon also balances PH levels, cures inflammation, clears the skin, and many more.

Knowing all of these benefits honey lemon tea is not good just for weight loss but for many more things connected to your health.


Tangerine pills really help with detox. But beside it, they also assist to cut grease, cures motion sickness, treat cold and flu, aids digestion, cleanses the liver, and the spleen. It is a very good tea to drink if you are feeling blurry or if you had a really big meal.


Job's tear tea is good for your health because it helps to cure bloating and to get rid of water weight and internal dampness. It is very good for improving skin quality and reducing acne, preventing stomach ulcers, and boosting the spleen.

Job's tear tea suppresses your allergies and eases menstrual pain.


Oolong tea increases energy expenditure and it is very good for fat burning. It will also make you feel fuller so you will eat less. This tea contains a lot of antioxidants that assist boost up metabolism.


Lotus leaf tea is really good for your liver, spleen, and stomach. It increases the metabolism, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, treats diarrhea, detoxes the blood, and assists with internal heat.

It also regulates menstrual pain and controls your menstrual cycle, so if you are losing a lot of blood this tea will help with that as well. Another good thing about this tea is that it is good for insomnia and calming.


Pu-erh is an amazing Chinese tea. Pu-erh tea cleanses the body from oils, reduces blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, improves intestinal health, and aids in digestion. This tea also eases menstrual pains, reduces stress, and assist in detox.