Have you ever just fallen in love with a foreign language and wanted to learn it? I am. But, it is hard to learn a new language and can get really frustrating, which is why learning it from TV shows will help, and besides, it is amazing because at the same time you are enjoying good TV shows and learn.

Here is a list of foreign TV shows that will help you in learning specific languages.


Amazing Telenovela that can assist you to familiarize and understand the Spanish language is La Reina Del Sur. It is for sure one of the best Telenovelas and is available on Netflix. The “Queen of the South” Teresa is now in hiding behind the name Maria, however, her hiding lasts until the moment when her daughter is kidnapped by her enemies.

This Latin American TV series holds a lot of the dramatic style that will keep you focused and amused. Also, it is only in Spanish, comfortable, and easy in hearing so it will surely be helpful in learning the language.


If you like Portuguese and are interested in learning it then we have the right TV show for you to watch! Sintonia is a great teen Brazilian show about friends from childhood who take different paths in their teenage lives. They will begin to see the consequences of their mistakes and start to lean on each other again.

This show is amusing and interesting so it will be easy for you to keep up and learn the language along with it. It is available on Netflix.


You probably heard about this one. Baby is a teenage TV show about Chiara, a student-athlete. She goes to an elite private high school and there she will meet with mutineer Ludovica and the mysterious Damiano, and form a bond with them. Even though she is a good girl and student, in the night she is the complete opposite when her secret and scandalous life comes to play.

This TV series is so good that you becoming addicted. While enjoying watching this amazing show you will for sure start learning Italian.



Here is a fantastic French drama called The Hookup Plan. This TV show follows Elsa, the main character, which is still obsessed with her ex-boyfriend two years after the breakup. But everything will change the moment she meets the sexy schoolteacher Jules. This drama talks about romance and friendships.

We recommend this one for sure! Watch it, enjoy, and learn! What a great combination.


Better Than Us is a great show to watch for amusement, and learning if you want to learn Russian. The TV series is about a family that will become the owner of the robot that is wanted by a corporation, terrorists, and homicide investigators.

This show is for sure worth your attention. It received a one-hundred percent on Rotten Tomatoes.  Soak the Russian language while enjoying this amazing show. We recommend you turn on subtitles because Russian is a hard language to learn.


If you are interested in learning German then we have a great recommendation for you. Cherité is a German TV show drama with only one season. It follows the life of young nanny Ida Lenzewho which has tuberculosis. She goes to the Berlin Charite hospital where is Dr. Robert Kock who works on tuberculosis medicine which attracts two physicians and an actress.

This whole show is on German with available subtitles for better understanding and learning. Watch it and enjoy it.


Source: weheartit.com

For those looking for great teen TV shows in Japanese, we suggest you watch Switched, you will love it! It’s about a high school girl named Ayumi who is asked out by her crush. That will make her the happiest girl in the world until the day jealous Zenko steals her body, life, and boyfriend. 

This is a very funny and interesting TV series that will assist you to learn the Japanese language.