We are washing our faces every day, right? But, did you know that you can go away from the sink with an even dirtier face!? Some of the things we are doing during our everyday face-washing routine could be the main reason why we have skin problems, our skin is hurt and damaged.

Here is the list of things you should avoid when it comes to face washing and a healthy and glowy face.

1 - Not Paying Attention to the Ingredients in your skincare products

When you are looking for moisturizer and do not know which one to use you should know that ones that contain oil aren’t good for your skin. You should look for one that is non-comedogenic – it will not clog your pores, or one that contains antioxidants like chamomile and green tea.

If your skin is sensitive you should use a moisturizer with less than 10 ingredients because it is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.

If your skin is dry, you should use a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid, glycerin, dimethicone, proteins, Vaseline and mineral oil.

2 – Drying your face with a towel

What?! How?! Everyone is doing it, right? It is true that most of the people are doing it but think about numerous bacteria that can gather in the bathroom. Bacteria like places with moist places just like your towel, so when you use it to dry your face after you washed it, it will be even dirtier!

Instead of using a towel, you can use tissues paper towels or even toilet paper if it’s not of a newspaper texture.

3 – Not removing makeup first

Before washing your face you should use micellar water and gently remove makeup from your face with a cotton ball. After you have done this, use fingertips and gently rub the facial cleanser into your skin using circular motions. This process will assist stimulate blood flow keeping your skin to look young longer.

4 – Forgetting about SPF

When it comes to buying moisturizer it is up to you will you choose one that contains SPF or not. SPF protects your skin from UV rays that are harmful because they cause premature aging and hyperpigmentation, and it can as well cause skin cancer

5 – Using Facial Scrubs Too Often 

All of us think that scrubbing your face is best you can when it comes to skin health but it can do more harm than you can imagine. Excessive scrubbing will only leave your skin inflamed and irritated and may lead to premature aging as well. Another problem is that scrubbing removes the protective layer of your skin so it can lead to even more oiliness.

6 – Not washing your hands before you wash your face

A lot of people start their face washing routine by splashing water onto their faces and rubbing it over with their hands and here is a problem. We are touching a lot of things during the day, so your hands are covered in various bacteria that can make way to your pores and cause problems with the skin. You should always wash your hands well and then start your face-washing routine!

7 – Washing face with water of the wrong temperature

You can wash your hands with water of the temperature you want but it is not a case when it comes to face washing. Despite various beliefs about hot or cold water for your facial skin, it is best to use lukewarm water when washing your face.

Ice-cold water is not good when it comes to washing away all the dirt that accumulates on the skin. Warm water can cause more damage than you can think so you should definitely avoid it.

8 – Using products that are not meant for your skin type

When it comes to skincare, the first thing you should determine is skin type because depending on it you can understand what your skin needs. You should always read the labels of your skincare products and choose one meant for your skin type because if you use one that is not it can lead to many problems you do not want.