,,As the ship approaches the island, it becomes clear that dreams can become reality. Already on the scene of the most beautiful shades of blue, breath stops. We walk on the lime-white sand, we turn to the sea, and there we are, in paradise,’’ some traveler.

White sand, sun, salt, beautiful crystal water, sounds like vacation of your dreams? You think you can’t afford that, try again. I guarantee that you can.

We take you to the most beautiful Egyptian islands. You wish you were there. 

Are you ready to enjoy it?

1. Mahmya 

For this island, it’s said that is the Red Sea's cherry on top. Believe me, you didn’t visit Hurghada properly if you haven't been to Mahmya. There are several activities to partake in, like snorkeling, beach volleyball, rent a watercraft on a beautiful, beautiful sea. And as always, when the stomach is hungry, well you have a restaurant and bar, so be free to enjoy it.

2. Pharaoh Island 

It has been used located as an outpost, believes or not, since the days of the Pharaohs. The island has a lot of coral reefs which is very attractive among tourists. So, that’s the reason why it’s a popular sightseeing attraction. This royal island belongs to the coast of Taba and its location near Jordan and Israel. The island is 350 meters long and up to 170 meters wide. Pretty little.

3. El Ikhwa Islands 

Maybe you knew also as Brothers Islands. Actually those are two small Red Sea islands. The islands are a dive site featuring corals and two wrecks which calls Numidia and Aida. Very tempting for lovers of diving, but this is only suitable for very experienced divers. 

Do you know that CNN ranked Big Brother 9. in a list of the world's 50 best dive sites?

4. Shadwan - Shaker Island 
This is a real paradise for divers. 


Because beautiful coral walls can be found more than 40 meters high. But be careful. Except for dolphins, hawksbill turtles you can see sometimes white-tip reef sharks and even grey reef sharks. Underwater diving is guaranteed entertainment if you visit ancient land, land of the Pharaon.

5. Giftun Island


Pristine beaches and coral reefs. It’s located only 45 minutes by boat from Hurghada. And it is one of the world’s most popular snorkeling and diving sites. If you are not lovers of those activities, you can just sunbathe and after that do some pictures underwater and pretend you are a mermaid.

It is a protected area of the Red Sea with warm lagoons.

6.Nelson's Island

We can call - Island of British graves dating from the Napoleonic Wars. It is located on the coast of AlexandriaEgypt. Very important historical island. Some archaeological excavations were found that remains of British officers, sailors, marines, women, and children were uncovered.  So exciting to research.

Pure Joy

Egyptian islands will offer you the best few days of vacation. You will feel like you secluded from the world on a little piece of heaven. Also, you can enjoy at lunch with the most interesting flavors of oriental cuisine and refreshing juices from exotic fruits. 

Each island is special. Depending on which one you go to, you might find some recreational facilities while others are completely empty, giving you the feeling that you are Christopher Columbus discovering a new world!