Limiting calories and consistently dieting is certifiably not a good thought. It's in every case it is best to eat all that you need yet with some restraint. Nonetheless, we as a whole have those days where we unquestionably ate enough however we despite everything need to crunch on something late around evening time. What's more, you know chocolates, desserts or chips are not an extraordinary thought. Those will just make your skin break out and are probably going to transform into undesirable pounds on your body.

So here are a few nourishments that contain almost zero calories, so you can chomp on them righteous and not stress over about the scale.


Carrots are naturally low in calories and full of nutrients. They can assist you in your weight loss effort. A cup of 100-gram carrots has 41 calories, it is very rich in water (88%), proteins, carbs, fiber and vitamins A, K1, B6, biotin, and potassium.

The major compounds in carrots are beta carotene, alpha-carotene, lycopene, lutein, and anthocyanin.

Carrots may assist weight loss, lower blood cholesterol, reduce risk of cancer and improve eye health.


Cucumber is really low in calories but high in numerous minerals and vitamins. One 300-gram, raw cucumber has 45 calories, proteins, vitamins K and C, magnesium, manganese and fiber.

It contains a very high content of water – 96%. They are refreshing and great for your skin because they promote hydration.

Thanks to their low calories and high water level, they can also assist you in weight loss.


Cabbage contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. One cup of green cabbage has only 22 calories and it is rich in proteins, fiber, vitamins B6, K and C, manganese, calcium and folate.

It assists inflammation, improves digestion, keep heart-healthy, lower blood pressure and many more.