Most dog owners consider their dogs as members of their families. Raising a puppy is a lot like raising small children, they get to everything.

Choosing a family dog can be a challenging and stressful job. You always want to make sure that you have chosen the right one to be around your kids and family.


The modern Beagle was developed in Great Britain but it is more popular in Canada and the USA. The beagle is a breed of scent hound. Scent hounds are a kind of dog that primarily hunts by scent instead of sight. These breeds are hunting dogs and are generally regarded as having some of the absolute most sensitive noses among dogs. It has a friendly nature and loves the company. It's very tolerant of kids and gets along with other pets very well. The usual lifespan of this dog is from twelve to fifteen years. Funny fact about this dog is that queen Elizabeth was taking it to royal dinners to entertain her guests.


Labrador is loyal, obedient, social and intelligent. It can live from ten to fourteen years. It’s a very popular family dog and always does it best to please you and even shows openness to strangers. They are very enthusiastic and hyperactive. They are receptive dogs so they can notice if you are sad or upset and they will not stop following you until they make you feel better. It is used in therapies as a guide dog and for missions in police corps because they are easy to train and educate.  Also, Labradors are well trained to aid those with blindness or autism and can act as a therapy dog.


The Golden Retriever is a confident, smart, kind, and loyal dog.  Retriever is extremely patient, which makes them a perfect match for kids. It can leave from ten to twelve years. They are dogs that love water, they enjoy swimming in the beach or any other water resort.  They are so easy to train thanks to their high intelligence, and also they can lead people with blindness. They have high developed sense of smell, so they can learn to look for any kind of objects that’s why they been used as narcotics or explosive detection dogs.


Bulldog is quite expensive dog breed and if you want one plan to spend 3-7 thousand dollars. Bulldog has perfect personality and temperament. He loves children and  It is very easy to train as a family dog. He is very clever and affectionate. Definitely don’t ask bulldogs to swim because of their short legs and heavy bodies. They are dogs that you can only look at and they just make you laugh.  They fife span is 14-16 years.  They are cute, funny and loving dogs to own.


The Siberian Husky is a beautiful dog breed with a double-layered coat that comes in a multitude of colors. Their blue or multi-colored eyes add to the appeal of this breed, which originated in Siberia. This dog is very intelligent, athletic and independent. He has an affinity for children and they make a wonderful family pet. They are generally healthy dogs.


Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dog breed from Southern Africa. The most unique and defining characteristic is his ridge – hair going in the opposite direction of the hair that grows down to the rest of their body. These lazy dogs don’t bark often, but they are very protective of their family and make fiercely loyal guard dogsSometimes they can be even overprotective. They do well on extreme temperatures and they are easy to maintain because of their short hair.  Their life span is 10-12 years. 


Newfoundland is one of the world's toughest lifeguards.  It originated in Newfoundland in Canada. It's considered to be one of the most empathetic dogs on this planet. These dogs are known for their giant size, high intelligence, tremendous strength, calm dispositions, and loyalty.  It desires to help and aid humans with such sympathy.  They excel at water rescue because of their muscular build, thick double coat, and swimming abilities Their kind and gentle nature is what makes them so much famous.