Would you like to know how to make up for work, day to day, or even for a not so formal event? So you came to the right place! We separated tips and some tutorials on how to make a perfect make! Check out the photos and step by step makeup to use in different situations.

Step by Step Makeup

There are those who love and there are those who hate wearing makeup. But the fact is that, at some point in life, women pass on make-up products, even if it’s just a little lipstick.

Whether for a job that requires more formality, for a day to day occasion, or even because you are in the mood for makeup, there is always an opportunity for beautiful makeup.

Skin Preparation

First of all, it is necessary to prepare well the region that will receive your “work of art”. The skin, therefore, needs to be very well done.

If it is not handled correctly, given the right procedures, there is no kitten outline, no smoky eye that looks good. So be aware of this step!

In some cases, women and make-up professionals prefer eye painting before leaving for skin preparation.

But, be it as the first activity, or as the second of the sequence of makeup steps, the important thing is that it is well done!

So, let’s go step by step for makeup in the skin preparation stage:

Cleansing and hydration

Before rubbing any type of product on your face, be sure to remove any grease or impurities that may harm the makeup result. So, according to your skin type, wash with micellar water, mineral water, or face soap.

Next, use the moisturizer of your choice to keep the area hydrated and ready to go with the makeup. Finish by applying the sunscreen if the moisturizer does not have it in its composition.

Primer Application

Now, it is time to prepare the face skin to receive makeup products. For this, use a  primer; It has the function of smoothing the texture of the skin, also helping to affix other items. Oily, mixed, and dry skin may have different requirements regarding the use of this product. Check out the recommendations for your skin type on the primer packaging.

More volume or longer eyelash extension? How about both? To do this, apply mascara on the upper & lower lashes – remember the underside, ok? The look is much more striking!

Make sure that the product is in good use so as not to have a very heavy effect, as when it begins to age and harden, it can make the lashes artificial and heavy.

In addition, you can also pursue eyelash lengthening end to end, reducing the need for recurring mascara.

Eyebrow Makeup

Increasingly, eyebrows have gained prominence in makeup. If you have already done wire-to-wire micro-pigmentation or used the micro-blading technique, you can skip this step.

But for those who have the natural strands, it is cool to fill in any flaws with the use of a specific eyebrow pencil.

Then comb the strands with colorless mascara to keep them aligned longer.

Lips Makeup

The balance in makeup is crucial to maintain a very elegant look. So when loading eye makes information, opt for more discrete production in the mouth area – or vice versa.

But, whether with red lipstick or nude color, it is interesting to prepare the mouth region well for beautiful makeup.

So also pay attention to the procedures of cleaning, moisturizing and priming and foundation on the lips. For them, then, hydration is even more important, since lipstick on dry mouth tends to greatly impair the result of making.

Then apply the lipstick of your choice, covering the entire length of the mouth. There are also techniques to smudge the product or outline the lips.

Blush, contour, and illuminator

Now is the time to give your face a more natural look through the use of blush to “blush” and products that create contrasts.

Thus, the blush may be more pinkish, orange, or reddish, for example, to give a more flushed appearance to the cheekbone.

The powder or liquid should be applied at its highest point, where naturally the sun hits. To know where it is, just do that old smiley trick. Thus, the most salient part receives the blush.

Already the contour has the mission to make more natural by creating games of light and shadow on the face. Remember when we evened the skin tone by applying the foundation on it? Then, after covering up all the imperfections, it’s time to come back with color contrasts to the face region.

There are specific color palettes to use for this purpose. In general, they should always be a few shades above the natural color of your skin.

With the aid of a brush, smear the product over regions that naturally have depth, such as the tip of the forehead, the underside of the apples, the sides of the nose, chin, and the region of the “double chin”.

There are several different techniques for applying contour to achieve different effects, such as visually reducing the size of the forehead, nose, or chin.

Finally, the illuminator comes to work in conjunction with the outline, highlighting and highlighting some parts of the face. Thus, it can be used, for example, on top of apples, “bridge” on the nose, eyelid, lips, and chin.

How to do makeup

If you are a beginner and still do not have much practice to make yourself, do not worry! With the walkthrough we have given above, you will already have a good foundation as you begin to venture into the makeup universe.

Another point that is super important to get makeup well done is to know yourself. So, find out what your skin type is and how it reacts to different types of products. Take, for example, which areas of your face you would like to disguise and which other parts you like and want to highlight.

Self-knowledge is key to achieving a good result, after all, knowing what your skin looks like – the foundation, the canvas of the painting that will be done – and how it deals with cosmetics makes it easier to define between one and the other makeup.

And to achieve this, testing is essential! Try different products and techniques until you get the one that best suits what you want. Only by putting the makeup step by step into practice will you achieve better execution.

Remember that old saying that practice makes perfect? Yeah, it adapts exactly to make. To do this, we have selected two situations for you to get your hands dirty. Below are ways for you to do the makeup to use during the day and at night. Check out the tips:

Small Eye Makeup

Those with very small eyes may find it difficult to put on make-up and thus further diminish this region. To prevent this from happening, follow a few tips:

  • Black pencil stroked right at the base of the eyelashes helps to enlarge the eyes.
  • Bet on mascara or false eyelashes to “open” the look
  • You can bet on outlined, yes. To do this, start with a thicker stroke outside and taper to the base of your eyes.
  • The point of light is your friend! Bet on this lightening effect in the eye region near the nose.
  • Try to extend the concave extension by smudging the shadow beyond its “original” place.

Big Eye Makeup

    In contrast, women with big eyes can look for a type of make that diminishes them visually. For this, follow step by step makeup:

    • Give preference to color shadows and darker hues.
    • Use the eyeliner on the waterline, “closing” the look.
    • Smoky effects can visually reduce the size of your eyes.
    • Yes, you can use mascara. Just apply sparingly, not creating as much volume in the area.
    • Light shadows can also be used to make the point of light; In this case, however, do so discreetly.

    Makeup for those who wear glasses

    Eyeglasses can be a drag on those who wear them when applying makeup. But this need not continue. To rock the makeup with glasses:

    • For a well-balanced look, try not to emphasize eye makeup so much. So invest in lipstick and blush.
    • This way, a stronger lipstick may be the solution for you to use heavier and heavier makes.
    • But if you want to enhance the beauty of the look, try not to use colors that conflict with the color of the frame.
    • Can use shadow, yes! Search for more harmonic tones with your glasses.
    • With well-groomed region skin, a good pencil and mascara may be sufficient for a simpler, yet elegant and discreet makeup.