Depending on the type of job you are doing, you may be sitting down for prolonged periods of time during the day. With so many professions now offering the alternative for remote work, or work from home, it is not uncommon for remote workers and in-office employees alike to be seated at a desk for 8 hours at a time, or even more. Without the proper measures taken, leading a desk-bound lifestyle can cause posture to get worse over time. Bad posture can not only become uncomfortable but likewise, it can lead to other health problems like major back pain and even headaches. Good posture can assist maintain bone and joint health, as well as assist release tension and stress on the spine.

If you are ready to improve your posture, here are 6 exercises that will for sure make your posture much better.


The puppy stretch includes jumping on 'all fours' and inclining your chest and brow towards the ground. This stretch assists with keeping your shoulders loose and free. Make sure to not strain your neck during the time spent this stretch. You should feel profoundly extended in the back and shoulders after you repeat this stretch a couple of times.


The cobra stretch is an extraordinary routine for extending your center and chest, just as for reinforcing your back. By pushing your chest area back while lying on your stomach, you start the vitality in your back muscles.


Leg lifts are very good for the lower assemblage obviously, yet when done effectively lateral leg lifts can assist fortify back muscles also. The way into this activity is to ensure your head is up and shoulders are open. A legitimate horizontal leg lift is accomplished standing up straight with a great stance, moving the body weight to the other side, and keeping the back straight while lifting the contrary leg.


The bow pose is an incredibly powerful stretch to chip away at each muscle in the back. This stretch leaves the shoulders and chest fully open and is probably the best exercise you can use to improve your stance. The bow pose includes lying on the stomach, grabbing your feet with your hands, and then lifting the keet and thighs.


The tree pose is an extraordinary choice to incorporate into your everyday exercises if you want to improve your posture. The tree pose requires moving the body weight to one leg, lifting and grabbing the opposite knee, and putting the foot on the inverse internal thigh at a side angle.


If this pose is done appropriately, this activity will assist you with improving stance by enacting the back muscles and reinforcing your shoulders. The way to guaranteeing that this activity is successful is to shield the shoulders from moving excessively while extending and curving arms outward. This is done while moving all through a curtsy position.