Cheese, a piece of juicy meat and a glass of red wine. It smells amazing, sounds inviting?

In fact, you can find such a prepared meal at the table of every housewife in France. You will admit that the French are not silly, they know how to enjoy food. In fact, they are great hedonists and lovers of strong, caloric food. However, the key moment is in only one beverage, in wine. Not only that the consumption of this Divine drink became their tradition for centuries, but it seems that the wine is in their blood.

When we wake up your stomachs now with French cuisine, still, we want to explain some things. Various scientific studies have shown that the French are the only people in the world who don't suffer too much from coronary diseases as other nations do. It can only French. Here's how …

Isn't that fact paradoxical?

The French paradox experienced a "media boom" in 1991 when the well-known American CBS TV broadcast a report on a strong correlation between red wine consumption and a lower heart rate in France, where red wine is represented as an elixir that reduces the frequency of heart disease even for incredible 44%.

Thus, media publicity contributed to this phenomenon, where the Americans immediately hurry up into stores to buy red wine. And that’s how the popularization of French paradoxes was a great way for producers and wine sellers to increase their sales.

Explanation of the paradox may lay in inviting glass of wine?

When we mentioned at the very beginning that the wine was in their blood, we really thought so. It’s a known fact that French people are in the first place when we speak about wine consumption. So they drink wine most of all other nations.

Resveratrol, a heart-friendly polyphenol.

The chemical compound, which French people should be thankful. This ingredient has an antioxidant effect, which in translation means - It can slow the aging process. Protects our red blood cells from all free radicals. Or we free to say, it prevents the deposition of fat deposits which are intake through the food. So it can reduce cardiac and stroke reduces blood sugar levels and improves blood test results.

Very powerful weapons, don’t you think, right?

Here's how it works

In nature, resveratrol is a protective chemical, supporting the plant when it comes under attack from insects, bacteria or too much ultraviolet light. These same protective properties are also seen in animal and human research trials with resveratrol.

In fact, science can be very interesting. It is recommended that you can enjoy the charm of two smaller glasses of red wine. Nature has made everything possible for us, we only have to enjoy her pleasures and stick to the scientific facts, right?

We'll reveal one more secret

Resveratrol can find more in black grape instead of white grape. So red wine is some kind of superfood.

You probably didn’t know, but food, which contains an amount of this secret and powerful weapon, is the food you already try it. So you can find resveratrol in:

  • Pomegranate
  • Blueberry
  • Blackberry
  • Cranberry
  • Dark cherry
  • Currant
  • Açai
  • Grape

If happens to you to overweight in the intake of fatty foods, or if you have a problem with fatty deposits on your blood vessels, and you are not from France, don’t worry. Today, resveratrol is also available in the form of a supplement. As one of the highest quality products on the market, we recommend the Reserve. Brutal, great superfood. Check out, click on the Reserve.

In any case, the French paradox and the myth of red wine continue to exist as an unavoidable medicine topic. So, the only thing we could say is - In resveratrol vis vitae.