All devices in the network interact with each other to connect and share data and IoT is the concept used for connecting any device to the internet and to other devices.

The Internet of Things is a system of interconnected computerized and digital devices with unique identifiers and the ability to transmit information over a network without the requirement for human-to-human or human-PC association.

It supplies better scope for future data scientists as well as promising career opportunities. It assists you to measure everything in the business, get real-time metrics, actual data, and header connectivity across industries.

IoT is so big that there are more connected things than people in the world. Some tech analysts predicting that in total there will be 41.6 billion connected devices by 2025.




Connected devices - primary physical objects connected to the system

-  Data Cloud – it offers tools to collect, process, manage and store huge amount of data in real-time

-  User Interface - it determines the user whether to choose a particular device or appliance

-  Central Control Hardware - it manages data traffic in two ways translates various network protocols and secures the interoperability of the connected devices and sensors

- Data Analytics - process of converting analog data from interconnected smart devices and sensors into usable insights that can be processed, interpreted and used for detailed analysis

- Network Interconnection – the network is used to communicate between devices of an IoT installation

- System Security - it starts with the practice of eradicating vulnerabilities in IoT devices and equipping them with the means to resist, detect, and recover from malicious attacks



Use of smart devices - assists in increase productivity level which brings the surety to an organization that they will earn profit from those devices

Gathering rich data - by gathering data the organizations perform a diverse analysis and do deep understanding so that they can improve their product quality so that their business can be expanded and can earn more profit

Achieve customer-centricity – customer satisfaction is so important so many organization take assist from IoT to enhance their future business and improve the level of customer experience

Enhanced security measures -  it improves security standards in the organization likewise assist to track any suspicious activity

Reduction in operational cost – it assist some organization to reduce their operational cost and other costs to earn maximum profit