In a lot of countries people usually take a close look at a potential partner’s horoscope sign to check their level of compatibility. But there are some countries, like the Japanese, who do not lean on the astrological information and signs alone, they like to know the blood type for checking personality matching and information. And this is totally true because your blood group can really reveal your personality type!

Ketsueki-gata - the term that means analyzing a person’s personality based on their blood type. 


Here is what your blood type says about you.

- AB -

It is said that people with blood type AB are extremely creative. They like to live in their own world and they may be a bit of eccentric. Their method of doing things is different from other people. They are always open to new ideas.

When it comes to business they are best as long as holding on to their opinion. But they are not good talkers, they are bad at debates or arguments. They can be really critical of others when working and may also be a little hesitant.

Managing anger might as well be a problem with this blood type. AB-people are usually very logical and rational and they know how to navigate throughout life’s problems.

People with this blood type may have a propensity for intellectualism. They are very social, they know how to have fun and can easily become part of any group.

They are also known for an eccentric nature and get bored very easily. They are not known for being very forgiving so try to not piss them off.

Experts believe that AB can get along with anyone because of their adaptable nature which helps them balance out the flaws of other blood types. But they may have some problems with B type because of their similarity in some parts.

- A -

Compared to the AB blood type, A is very common. People with this blood type might be a little reserved at first sight but once you know them better you will realize that they are very sweet and kind.

People with A blood type always get the job done and are really perfectionists when it comes to their work.

They are not really good with the changes. They can be completely picky with their belief system. It is very difficult to argue with them because they are not the type who believes in backing down and this also means that even when they made a mistake they probably won't admit it.

People with this blood type also can become angry easily and in anger they will say and do things that they will regret later. This impulsive behavior cost them their friends sometimes. 

The best match for A blood type is often another A or AB. These blood types love people whom they can trust.