If you ever have been wondering how to reset your mind, there is a way! There is a lot of people struggling with depression, anxiety, over worrying, lack of energy or motivation, lack of passion for life in general. All these things are affecting people's lives, but there is a solution to recover and get better.

We all have neurotransmitters in our brain that makes us feel good, they make us crave and desire more. Those neurotransmitters are called – dopamine, which is an organic chemical that can act as hormone and neurotransmitters. In mainstream society and media, dopamine is typically observed as the fundamental concoction of delight. Dopamine signals the perceived motivational prominence or desirability of an outcome, which in turn propels the organism's behavior toward or away from achieving that outcome. Many diseases of the nervous system are associated with dysfunctions of the dopamine system, and some of the key medications used to treat them work by altering the effects of dopamine. Every time you achieve a goal, get something you wanted, make money you got that hit of dopamine and it makes you crave more. But when dopamine levels drop, people start to experience depression, overwhelm and anxiety.

Dopamine detox is kind of fast when you’re supposed to abstain from the kinds of things you normally enjoy doing, such as alcohol, clubbing, gaming, drugs, talking to others, going online and, in some extremes, pleasurable eating. The idea is to “reset” your neurochemical system by de-stimulating it. Dopamine detox is helping people to take a break from technology or anxious life.

Did you ever get surprised how some food is much more delicious when you are really, really hungry?  For example when you constantly eat fast food and sweets, then vegetables taste disgusting, but when you cut off those two, then vegetables start to taste amazing. It’s pretty the same when you over intake anything else. Essentially your brain gets used to have high levels of dopamine and those levels become your new normal, this develops dopamine tolerance.  When this happens it’s a huge problem because things which don’t give you that much dopamine, don’t motivate you to do them anymore, and don’t interest you any longer. Things feel boring and less fun, so people tend to prefer playing video games or browsing the internet compared to study or work on the business. That’s why dopamine detox is life-changing.

Dopamine detox starts when you remove all sources of external pleasures for the entire day. When you start this detox, there will be a lot of boredom. So stop searching the internet, leave phone on the side, don’t listen to music, stop eating junk food, instead you will start reading a book, meditating, walking… And when you cut all ‘exciting stuff’ , then ‘boring stuff’ will become more interesting.

If you have motivational problems, start dopamine detoxing your brain as soon as possible. Separate yourself from large amounts of dopamine. You don’t want to cut everything at once, just pick one day per week, and on this day do all low dopamine activities. Only when you do this, normal low dopamine activities will become more exciting again, and you will be able to do them for longer. This is a good thing because dopamine motivates us to achieve our goals and improve ourselves.