Are you scared about how you will pass your upcoming interview for your dream job? You shouldn’t be! As a candidate, you have full power and control over how the interviewer sees you and you are the only one who will tell them about yourself, and they have to listen to it.

They take what you tell them for the most part of face value, so if you have that power to be able to tell them how to feel about you – then you are the one who is really in control. What you say, how you say it and how confident you are able to describe your skills and abilities.

You have to have the ability to recognize your own worth and value. Seeing yourself in a way that you are powerless, and that doubt that you are not the good candidate – it’s actually what gives you the inability do to well in interviews. There is few tips on how to make yourself the best candidate for the job.


Being engaging ties directly to a point about telling stories, to be engaging means that you know how to tell a good story. So as someone who applied for the job and going to interview, and if you are able to introduce to your recruiter your background, accomplishments in a way that is interesting and invites them into a positive communication and positive journey, they will pay more attention to you, and it will help them to see you as a right fit.


Basically, an interview is a sales presentation, and it’s your sales presentation! If you are not selling yourself in every questing recruiter ask you, and if you are not explaining why you are a good fit for that role. You have to articulate why you are the right fit for them. If you are not doing this right you will not be seen as someone who is a right candidate for that job.


Confidence comes from self-awareness and self-awareness comes from observing yourself. If you are able to be natural in front of the interviewer that exudes confidence. Have the right personality in demeanor, but don’t confuse that from being a robot. In order to practice this, try to review the most commonly asked interview questions and try to answer them in front of the mirror. So make sure that you observe yourself before you enter the interview if you really want to appear the right fit for a particular company!


Whenever the company has a job opening that means that they are most probably going through some sort of “business pain” and that’s why they need to hire. So if you can understand a company situation by doing your research, and make an educated guess on what kind of situation the company is going through, you will actually appear to be more of the right fit, because you will understand what they are looking for. Additionally, always discuss how you can help them to fulfill the business needs of theirs.


If you show that you are bright, personable, engaging and confident do you think the hiring manager would select you even if you have a slightly fewer technical skills and knowledge? Yes, they would. In order to have a right demeanor you have to be positive and friendly, and that is a huge determinant for a lot of companies.

One of the biggest confidence boosters or confidence killers for any individual has a lot to do with how to articulate their thoughts and words in a clear and engaging way. Overall, using those tips, with your qualifications you will definitely land your dream job!