What are your reasons for wearing a beard?

Is it the main reason perhaps to be more attractive, or do you want other people understand you more seriously? Whatever answer is it, one thing is certain - the most important is to choose a beard style that fits your face.

Let's now check how the woman brain works, when we speak about - beard or rather not.

Women's experiment/men thing

Namely, 8 520 women participated in the study, showing each of the 16 photographs with men who went through 4 phases of hair growth on their face. Let’s look.

  1. When a man has a smoothly shaven face.
  2. Beard from 5 days.
  3. Beard from 10 days.
  4. Real beard after a month of growth.

Then women divide men into two groups (one group is short-term and second is long-term relationships), and their tasks were to mark men by attractiveness. Interestingly, the most attractive men were those with a beard of 10 days, but for long-term relationships, women would rather pick men with a real beard.

The conclusion is that the men with a beard look very masculine and attractive. That's why women "fall" in such facial features.

Interestingly, in fact, the male face almost can not be seen beneath the beard, but this can be interpreted that the beard is a sign of the real man. That's why women choose them for serious relationships.

Beardmadness/ Sexy lumberjack

Beards are a symbol of masculinity, sexuality, and wisdom. Perhaps this would be an adequate explanation for the entire story of the beard.

That is the reason for the increased number of barbers across the city. Almost all social groups accept this trend. Starting with a teenager, through students and business people, to those who belong to the oldest group.

The shaved look is almost completely replaced by the unshaven.

And therefore, as the most important part of the whole story, we want to briefly present some of the most stylish beards, because with the right selection you will surely be the best dude in the city.

Here are the beard styles:


The beard that was celebrated by the famous actor Robert Dauni Junior. It is achieved by leaving stylized and thin mustaches and chin that includes only the lower part of the beard, where the mustache and the beard do not mate, and the gap between them is very small. It is suitable for all types of faces and will help you to highlight your masculinity and make you even more attractive.


It's easy to maintain and does not require much effort, and it will give you a masculine and serious look. This style is a combination of mustache and goat beard. It looks very neat, so it's a great option for those who are not fans of a long beard.


This is perhaps the most popular style that all men adore. You simply do not shave for 2 or 3 days and you will get a masculine and macho look at which women will fall as crazy. All you need is a trimmer or shaving machine to maintain a short length.


Erik Bandholc, who is the founder of Beardbrand, gives the name to this style. His company is engaged in the production of accessories and lotions for all more popular barbershops. To carry out this beard, you need to let it go as far as possible, and then keep it regularly. This style of beard was worn by Charles Darwin.


If you do not have too much time and want a more imposing beard, then Garibaldi style is the most appropriate for you. It's a bit shorter than a Bandholc style and does not require too much maintenance. But it definitely requires patience for about 4 months with the ideal length of the hairs from 15 to 20 centimeters.


It dates back to the time of the French Empire, and it's actually a style of a mustache. In any case, you can combine a shaped mustache style with the length of the zuluf or the rest of the beard, as Mel Gibson wears. Always make sure that the mustache is the most dominant part of your face.

Bring your beard to the next level

This short guide about one of the most popular global topic actually had his own development path. It started with a man who lived in caves until today's modern and sexy lumberjack.

Through time, man learned how to nourish his beard. He realized that it is most important to choose an adequate beard style, to maintain the beard in the proper way.

So men, nourish your beard as hair, with adequate shampoo, using appropriate waxes and creams.

And at the end of the story, you always have the option to go to a professional barber and to enjoy.