You are afraid that other people can watch you while you training in the gym, and you don’t want that, because you aren’t in a good shape and maybe you can embarrass yourself, what you don’t want. Do you need privacy?

We have a SOLUTION for you - make your own HOME gym!

Sure you have a picture on your phone or you imagine ideal body shape which you desire. So, break than a chain of all your fears, barricades and start that trip NOW, with few sports equipment that you need for a beginning.

All you need from stuff are:

  • Trainer Exercise Mat - 27$
  • Jump Rope – 4$
  • Plastic Dumbbell Weight Set with Rack - 14$
  • Gum Bands for Exercise – 2$
  • Door Horizontal Bars Steel – 18$
  • Pilates Ball – 10$

TOTAL 75$ of basic equipment that you can almost pack in your backpack and which don’t take up much space in your room.

So, money isn't a huge problem, all you need, after all, are discipline and motivation.

SPACE for gym

The statistics show that people tend to visit a gym and do workouts in the evening after work, but you now that at that time made a large crowd.

So there are endless possibilities to create your ideal training space where you can only use it for yourself.

The room will be multi-use, so clear things out, push them to the wall to have a lot of empty space, and a clear floor.

  • You can choose extra unused garage space witch provides one of the most popular home gym ideas around.
  • If you have some free corner in your bedroom, then use it
  • Set Up a Basement or Attic Gym that could be potential home gym spots, if you want to build luxury space for training 

It’s all about finding the space that you have.

Make sure, when you choose space, that incorporates as much natural light as possible. Also, you might consider a small refrigerator for cool water, sports drinks…

Use headphones keep your music private and to not disturb others

Bluetooth headphones designed for exercise. With this, you can connect a wide variety of devices. Also, all of them are designed to stay in your ears no matter what type of workout you are doing, you can run with Bluetooth headphones also. Check them…