Living in smaller spaces is becoming increasingly common in big cities, as they often offer a cheaper and more sustainable option than larger homes. In a studio apartment of such a modest dimension, the smallest modifications make a significant difference to the feel and functionality of the space. I guess when you are designing a small space that you want to make sure that everything needs to be performing at least two or three functions. So, how to fit at least a kitchen, bathroom, and living room in such a small space…

Key is creativity. First thing first, we should think about what activities that space should support and then to set things up accordingly. In small apartments we want everything to be spacious, multi-functional and use its purpose.

The challenge of living in space that is small is designing it a nice, cozy space where you can enjoy everything you do. The psychology of small apartments is all about living better with less. Question is how small you can go and still survive? There are few tips down below how to make a smaller space a  smarter space. 

People usually go for smaller apartments for one main reason - Money. Of course, there are always pros and cons of living in small apartments, but people decide according to their needs and priorities. In the first NYC micro-apartment building where 300 square foot market-rate unit costs approximately about 2,750 dollars a month, while the majority of units cost between $2440 and $3000 per month in the United States. 


For those who decided to live in smaller apartments, I'm going to share a few tips on how to organize small spaces and to make it look bigger...

1. Use bright colors on the walls

You probably already heard about the trick of using bright colors to make a room seem bigger. Painting walls a light, solid color makes a slight mental hallucination of separation and receptiveness, which creates everything to feel greater than previously. This is the main reason why people usually use a light color on the walls.

2.  Mirror trick

Mirrors stunt your eyes into imagining that you're looking more remote than you really are. In this way, reflects in a few places in your home can trick your eyes over and over, causing everything to appear to be somewhat greater. One incredible spot to do this is on your wardrobe entryways. Spot a mirror on each storage room entryway in your room and you'll rapidly pick up the fantasy that your room is much greater than it was previously. Huge restroom mirrors – and even mirrors on washroom entryways – can make a similar impact, presenting a feeling of largeness and transparency that wasn't there previously.

3. Think Vertical

Why not to take advantage of all that space of square footage extends from the floor to the ceiling? You can choose tall shelves that extend all the way to the ceiling instead of shorter shelves that only go up a little way. If you already used that space, why to not take a maximum of it, and make it nice, organized storage? If you have a media cabinet, choose one with a bit less square footage on the floor but one that extends, again, to the ceiling. You can even stack shelving units on top of each other or have few units side by side. The key is to stretch that storage space upward.

4. Multifunctional purpose furniture

Whichever multifunctional furniture you choose, make sure to select pieces that are size-appropriate to your space. This kind of furniture is very important when it comes to designing small spaces, they have to take up the ability to adapt to many situations. For example, consider a trundle bed can be folded into a sofa, a dining table with a built-in leaf can be much easier to welcome your guests.

5. Bring in a plant

Nature is fresh and helps to humanize spaces, greenery makes even tiny spaces to feel brighter and more alive. House plants may be one of the most important element when it comes to interior design, when deployed effectively they can add depth, height and airiness to any room.

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