Acrylics are a combination of a liquid monomer and a powder polymer that form a paste that is connected to the natural nail. It gives your nail wanted shape, add strength, length, and thickness to it. Acrylic nails are well known as the fastest method to make your nails look longer. It likewise opens up the world of way more complex structures you can do. Acrylic nails likewise keeping the nail looking great for weeks.

The main issue with them is that it's not as simple to take them off as just a standard layer of nail polish. In most cases, you would go to the nail salon and have the nail expert remove them. But we've all been in a circumstance where you simply don't have the chance to go to the nail salon yet you just might as well deal with your grown out acrylics.

I want to share with you some techniques for expelling acrylic nails at home. Everything relies upon the materials you have access at your home and matter of time you're willing to put into this procedure. Acrylic nail removal must be done with extreme care and concentration.


This is the most secure and most effective method to evacuate acrylic nails at home. You will basically be doing almost the same job as nail professionals do at the salon. Primely, you have to choose if you want to keep the length of your nails or you want to shorten them. If you choose the second option you need to cut them as short as you can. Apply the acetone to your nails. Fill one cotton ball per nail in the acetone, then lay the cotton balls on the tips of your fingers. After that, rap them against the acrylic nails using strips of aluminum foil. Let your nails soak in it for half an hour.

When a certain time passes, take one foil off and check whether the acrylic nail is ready to be expelled. It should strip off from your nail without any problem. In case It's not falling off lightly, reapply the acetone and hold up a bit more.   When it fights off apply hangnail skin oil and some cream to moisturize it and you are done!


If you find yourself out of aluminum foil and cotton balls, do not worry because you can still utilize acetone to take away your acrylic nails. Pour acetone into a small dish enough to soak your nails. Put some oil on your skin that will be soaked too, that will protect it from chemicals that acetone contain. Then soak your nails in acetone for 15 minutes or a bit longer.

Like in the first method, when it fights off apply hangnail skin oil and some cream to moisturize it.


If you really don't know what to do with acrylic nails that are all grown out and also you don't have acetone, you can try this method. For this method, you need to cut your nails as short as possible. Take a dish and put warm water in it then soak your nails. Water may get in between your nails and the acrylic, relax the glue and you will be able to peel them off. Remember, this method may not be effective but you can try it if you are desperate and without acetone, but it will take you a bit more time.