The statement known to everyone is - You are what you eat. But do we really pay much attention to what we do before the meal, and how it impacts our health? There are several things we shouldn’t do on empty stomach, and I picked the ones we do daily. By empty stomach, I mean no less than two hours after the last meal. Of course, you can’t always have a full belly, but try to take care of your intestines more avoiding those things!


There are many non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, for example, Aspirin and Paracetamol which many of us use very often, which mustn’t be taken on an empty stomach. Not because this reduces their effectiveness, but because they can cause severe health problems. You really shouldn’t be taking any medicine on an empty stomach, because it may cause gastric bleeding!


Did you know that the alcohol absorption rate, without eating becomes twice as fast, which means that you are going to get drunk two times sooner? While this may sound like a good deal for someone, it has lots of side effects. Some of them are immediate – like a much higher chance to a severe hangover but, some of them are long term and they can seriously affect the health of your liver, heart and kidneys! If you really want to drink alcohol, try to get your hands some food.


All of us have that terrible idea every morning – to drink coffee before breakfast. This action may stimulate the production of acid, which causes a lot of digestive track issues. You will not get the desired effect from coffee, and it will cause a serotonin deficiency resulting in a gloomy mood for the rest of the day. If you really can’t give up on first drinking coffee in the morning, at least add some milk in it. The milk will reduce the negative effects.


When you chew gum, your organism thinks that you are eating food, that has to be digested pretty soon. At this point, your stomach makes digestive acids to digest the food, but when there is no food in your stomach, you are on the way to develop gastritis!  You shouldn’t chew gum for more than 10 minutes, even with a full stomach, because it can still do some negative things to your intestines.


When you go to sleep hungry – you sleep worse. If you go to bed hungry, it will not only prevent you from falling asleep, but it will also cause the superficial sleep, and make you wake up earlier than expected. Overeating before sleep it’s also a pretty bad idea, but the best option would be is having some diary product (glass of milk), because they contain magnesium and calcium, these elements should ensure you get some good sleep.


You better have a snack before any exercise. There is a common misconception that exercising on empty stomach will burn more calories, but that is not true. This doesn’t influence fat loss, but on the other hand, muscle loss is pretty ensured. Also, the exercise intensity will reduce, because your body lacks energy from food. Physical activity stimulates the production of gastric juice, which is harmful to an empty stomach as well.


To return again for acid harming the stomach lining, this time is citruses. They contain acids and tough fibers which do contain acid and tough fibers which will irritate an empty stomach. People who have gastritis should pay special attention to this. Diluted citric juice is less harmful, and you should always mix it with water. There is a pretty same thing with tomatoes, so try to avoid them on an empty stomach.