Knowing that a large portion of your following month's profit would go towards taking care of your MasterCard bills and EMIs can be really hard but you really couldn't resist those shoes, that dress, and fancy bag that matches it perfectly. Now you are stuck in a debt loop and promised yourself that from now on you will be mindful of your expenses.

Going over your exchanges may provide some insight on expenditures that could have been avoided yet you have to invest more exertion than that. Likewise, you need to have the motivation to keep a tab on your shopping habits all through the month and not just the last week.

I'm here to help you with that so here are some tips that you should follow to consistently have money left in your financial balance.


If you had not had your credit card with you all the time you wouldn't make most of the purchases that were unnecessary. So when you are not in need of something but just want to visit the shopping mall out of curiosity and check new collections, the best thing you can do is leave the credit card at home. Carry only as much money as you want or can spend.