The World is truly home to a great number of breathtaking beaches, whether they are blessed with beautiful white sands or located in the most spectacular setting imaginable, many of them are taking attention of numerous world’s travelers. While some of those beaches can be found at the heart of the most famous cities, the other ones are much more hidden treasure, mostly located on tropical islands or tucked away deep inside national parks. If you are the beach and sunshine lover, these beautiful beaches really need to be seen to be believed!


That’s by dazzling white limestone cliffs that loom over the amazing sandy shores Shipwreck Beach with the unbelievable turquoise waters that are around, certainly paint a really pretty picture. This gorgeous beach regularly features in most popular travel magazines, and at the same time, it’s one of the most beautiful natural settings in Greece. Due to rusty remains of the ship that lies upon its sands the beach is named Shipwreck beach. The beach is only accessible by boat, and even boat ride to this beach will be an unforgettable experience!


Located into the Adriatic Sea, and changes shape and length depending on the current tide and wind is definitely the most beautiful beach in Croatia. Covering the front of the travel magazines around the world, Zlatni Rat is one most magnificent scenery and sparkling blue waters. This breathtaking beach is one of the most popular touristic spots in Europe.


Very dramatic and distinctive, Black Sand Beach on the sound coast of Iceland is one of the most famous black sand beaches on Earth. Located next to the fishing village of Vic the unique looking beach was formed over millennia by fierce waves pulverizing the volcanic coastline. In addition to this specific color, the beach is also known for the amazing basalt columns and the arresting rock formations dotted offshore. This beach was having a feature in both The Game of Thrones and Star Wars, earing the place of one of the most beautiful beaches in the World.


Lying at the North of the Palawan Island the small town of El Nido definitely makes a memorable sight as the looming limestone cliffs and lush green jungle surround its small beach. The El Nido town has a lot of hotels, with an increasing number of bars and restaurants for visitors to choose from. For this reason, many people use it as a base from which to explore the gorgeous archipelago that lies nearby.


Tucked away on the delightfully named “turquoise coast” of the southwestern of Turkey, its an increasingly popular beach to visit.  Due to its calm crystal water, Oludeniz boasts some fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving, while its long sandy beach it's perfect for relaxing, while gorgeous scenery of greeny mountains is everywhere around. You can also go paragliding and enjoy the view of Blue Lagoon for which Oludeniz is famous for.


Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana Beach has long attracted so many jet-setters to its sun-kissed sands. Stretching 4 kilometers in total, the beach is bordered by glitzy hotels, fancy restaurants and trendy nightclubs. This beach is for everyone on any given day, you will find locals and tourists enjoying the sun, playing on the beach. Copacabana Beach is definitely a main highlight of Rio.


Since 1999 film The Beach, Maya Bay had definitely shot of fame which lasts until now. Although its popularity, Thai authorities had to shut the beach in 2018 and limit the number of visitors to 2000 a day, to help protect and preserve the environment. Surrounded and sheltered by huge limestone cliffs, Maya Bay’s white sand beach and inviting blue waters make it for one of the most stunning settings imaginable!


 Due to its location on the Whitsunday Islands, the beach is perfect for someone who wants privacy, while sunbathing on this beautiful beach. It’s only accessible by boat or seaplane, Whitehaven flies right at the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. This beach regularly features the most attractive beaches in the world, and it stretches some seven kilometers with brilliant clear blue waters.