No matter what we wear on our bodies, we always wear our skin! Many people are not aware of the importance of skin for the human body and how many functions it has. It’s the major interface between the human organs and environment, it regulates body temperature, it’s the most extensive sensory organ and where the production of Vitamin D begins. Talking about skincare, the first association is facial skincare, where many of us invested a lot of time and money looking for perfect products for their skin type.

You may be surprised but there are certain things you think are good for your face, and you use them for everyday basis – but they just NOT! I’m going to share with you the top 5 things you should never put on your face.


Soap is actually a salt of fatty acids, used for cleansing and lubricating skin. Soap bar cleanser can harm the external defensive layer of the skin. This prompts highlighted wrinkles and pores, it can cause skin inflammation and irritation, which exacerbates breakouts. You should avoid washing face with bar soap because it unpredictably expels great lipids just as soil and sebum. This causes the breakdown of the skin's normal dampness boundary which makes the skin seriously dry. Further, losing good lipids from the skin leads to easier access for bacteria, allergens and unfriendly micro-organisms. Soaps are also very alkaline, which causes unbalanced skin pH. In order to avoid potential skin problems and breakouts, next time you wash your face, put down the soap bar and reach for a genuine face cleanser.