All of us women, men, and children like fashion. But do we know what really makes us feel good? Here are some suggestions for walking… ”in fashion”!

Modern mothers want the best for their daughters in fashion. It’s good to see how moms and daughters can be dressed almost alike. Many want to buy the best clothes for their little ones and look like them.

Fashion is something that is changing. The trends each season are different and should be in accordance with the body of each. Many women worry about how to dress when they have a lot of chests.

How to dress if you have big breasts

The important thing about dressing is that you feel yourself, that you feel beautiful and to your liking. It is true that there are women who feel complex to have a large chest. Fashion experts agree that for women with large breasts, a very flattering neckline is V-shaped.

The colors that most favor women with a lot of chests are neutral. Within this range, you can find darker ones, like black that always looks good, or you can go up to slightly lighter shades like gray. The stamping pieces with different colors and very appealing and the horizontal lists will have the opposite effect to the intended, which is to conceal that part of your body.

Add-ons? Yes many

Do not be fooled by excessively tight clothing. It is better to be a little loose, and if necessary wrap the piece with a belt. It will be great for you!

So that your look is not “boring”, you should add add-ons.

Now in summer scarves can be very annoying, but a long scarf can add a personal and appealing touch with a lot of styles. In winter, the neckerchiefs will be your allies. Don’t forget that there are a lot of accessories, not just scarves!

Beauty as a matter of attitude

True, many follow fashion and beauty trends. But often, fashion is all about attitude. If you feel good about yourself your attitude is more positive and you will feel more beautiful.

It is true that we must also take care of ourselves. And especially now in summer when the sun can wreak havoc on the skin. It is important to use protective creams and to keep the skin well hydrated.

Beauty as a matter of attitude

For them, the same advice is valid. The attitude is important. Good fact, good shoes, leatherman wallets. This is all very well, but if you don’t have a good attitude it will do you no good.

They also like to treat themselves. Big companies know it. Therefore, they began to give more importance to men’s beauty lines. The skin of men and women are different and require different treatments. In summer they should also be careful with the sun and use sunscreen.

And speaking of protective creams, we have to use them correctly. It is advisable for both women and men. We cannot apply the product two minutes before leaving home. Sunscreens need about twenty minutes to take effect. This is the time to guide ourselves. And then, once on the street, every couple of hours we should put on protective.

It is notorious that male audiences are increasingly concerned with the look and fashion trends of everyday life, whether for work or for going out, making a good impression, and other leisure time.

Therefore, straight from the fashion world and the catwalks, the model Eduardo Rodrigues brings 10 style advice for men who always want to be well dressed, at all times: “You have to be prepared. Always leave home ready to earn and show confidence. ”

Check out the tips of Eduardo Rodrigues and get it right:

Have basic t-shirts 

To dress well you don’t have to dare all the time. One of the secrets not to miss the look is to use simple and neutral pieces. That’s why it’s essential that you have one or two simple t-shirts that will serve as a wild card in both casual and even formal attire.

Dress according to the occasion 

There is a type of clothing suitable for each occasion (work, shopping, gym). So choose your clothes wisely. Common sense is the best ally at this time.

Pay attention to details

A fold in the sleeve, a shirt with a different collar, a cool tie, jeans with a more modern wash, shoes, or sneakers with different details. Go for the details, as they will make all the difference in your look and perception that others will have of you.

Invest in good jeans 

Despite the wide variety of designs and colors available, it is best to opt for straight cut pants, which befits your body size, fit, and proportional.

 Bet on shoes 

Have a shoe for every type of occasion. The shoe is for most common events, the social shoe for work, sports shoes for running, gym, and outdoor activities.

Wear the right clothes size for you 

The tip is neither too big nor too tight. Try to use the right size to make your look nice. That will surely value you.

 Invest in accessories  

Compose your look with some accessories, be it a bracelet, a drawstring, a belt, and even a hat that makes the look more interesting.

 Invest in Timeless Pieces 

As opposed to trends, there are some timeless pieces (such as leather jackets, military, or a well-cut black blazer) that don’t age. Have these jokers at your disposal whenever you need them as it suits almost everything.

Know how to identify your body type 

Be aware of your body shape. Whether you are tall, short, thin,  plus size, dress according to your body with clothes that favor your body type.