Thinking about getting a facial? Have a look inside your freezer, and a couple of ice cubes are everything you need! Facial skin icing is mainstream. In spite of the fact that not supported by clinical research, there is recounted proof that it could be useful for various conditions, for example, skin break out and puffy eyes. Do you realize that you have a definitive weapon for all your skin troubles lying directly in your cooler? In case you haven't found out about the 'Ice Facial' yet, let me disclose to you that it is a predominant Korean beauty secret. Ice has a relaxing and therapeutic effect. Many women in the world rub ice all over their faces to make it glowy, smooth and radiant. There are plenty of benefits of cold compression with ice, so stay tuned!


Many women are fighting with this stubborn problem, wasting money on eye creams and masks. There is something more simple and it will cost you nothing to try. Apply ice to your face regularly can help you deal with stubborn dark circles. Freeze this water and then apply the ice cube to your eye area. As it works slowly, don’t expect results overnight, repeat this procedure every night for a week to see the improvement. Make sure that you melt ice in your hand for a couple of seconds, and then apply it on your face.



If you are already frustrated with the acne on your face, ice cubes are one of the first help solutions to attack this problem. Rub ice on your face at night, and you will see the bumps and swelling got less the next morning. It helps to minimize oil production and stimulates blood circulation, so it supports your skin to clear out blemishes, and calms inflamed cysts.



As already said, ice improves blood circulation. It’s very important in a fight with skin redness, and hyperpigmentation. The ice constricts blood vessels, which allows the excess amount of blood to circulate, this improves oxygenation and nutrition supply of your skin. This is going to visibly brighten your skin and reduce spots if you apply it regularly.



Applying ice cubes to your skin helps to tighten it and lock in moisture, which prevents premature aging and wrinkles. Massage your face about 1-2 minutes every day, and not only you will reduce wrinkles, but you will prevent the appearance of new ones.



Nobody likes sunburn pain, aside it can look sore and unattractive, give skin dryness, the appearance of freckles, discoloration or pigmentation of exposed parts, peeling of epidermal layers. You can use ice cubes and cool water to treat inflamed skin and sunburn. Wrap ice cubes in a piece of tissue or plastic bag, and slowly tap the red area of your skin. Make sure you don’t apply ice cubes directly on damaged skin.



Washing your face keep your skin clean, but it also opens the pores. After face wash, make a habit of applying an ice cube, it will reduce the chance of clogging and shrinks the pores. Once pores are closed there is less chance for dirt to come into them, and clog them which causes acne. Reducing open pores will also make your skin look smoother.


This was few of many benefits of icing your skin, but if you want it to be extra beneficial,  make it adding certain ingredients into your ice cubes:

Green tea, to reduce inflammation and kill bacteria

- Coffee, caffeine helps with swelling

- Camomile tea, to calm redness and soothes

- Cucumber juice, to refresh and give moisture