As summer and beautiful summer days approach, the question of where to go on vacation is becoming more and more topical. As an unexpected coronavirus pandemic has spread to almost the entire world, it is not at all easy to decide whether to go anywhere and if so, where to go anyway.

All of us want and are in need to go to relax and enjoy summer days on a beautiful beach with our loved ones after months of being in isolation.

Here are 7 best and most safe destinations to visit this summer.


Greece is one of the European most beautiful countries and least affected by COVID-19. There are up to even 50 times fewer cases than in other European countries. Of course, Greece has already taken all protection and security measures into shops and restaurants with air conditioner filters changed after each stay. Also, in between each beach umbrella is a mandatory distance of four meters.

Europe’s longest beach, Monolithic beach is the main beach of Preveza. It is 22 kilometers long and up to 80 meters wide.

From July 1 all hotels and shops of Preveza will start with reopening and it’s no quarantine requested.

Hotel, restaurants, and café charges are very affordable and this summer the deckchairs are free and will be cleaned between each traveler. Taxes on flights, busses, trains, and other services are cut for the main reason to attract travelers.


Portugal is known for its amazing beaches along with its coastline which is perfect for a family vacation.

The Alentejo is another one European regions least affected by a coronavirus. There are up to 600 times fewer cases than in other European regions. You can stay for hours on this beach without coming across anyone, so it is an amazing destination to relax and rest. 

Comporta beach is just a couple kilometers from Lisbon, one of the European most beautiful capitals. It is offering tourist apartments, private villas, and small hotels. Portugal has implemented “Safe and Clean” tags to guarantee accommodation that meets all health and safety measures. A majority of hotels will start with reopening on June 15 and others on July 1. Here is also no quarantine requested.


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Next to Greece and Portugal, Poland is one more European country least affected by a coronavirus with up to 20 times fewer cases than in the Western European countries most affected countries.

Hel Peninsula, regardless of its name, is a paradise on earth. It is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Europe. This amazingly big 'strip of sand' is long 35 and wide around 3 kilometers.

Borders of Poland will open to travelers from June 13 without quarantine requests.


As we already said, Portugal is considered one of the safest destinations for vacation this summer. Next to the Alentejo, the Azores, the Algarve and Madeira have been luckily relatively spared from coronavirus infection. Actually, Madeira is the least affected region of Portugal.

It is an amazing archipelago made up of several islands.  After being in quarantine for months, Madeira is for sure the right destination to go, enjoy and relax. Next to the main island Madeira, there are also islands like Porto Santo.

Porto Santo beaches are known all around the world for its beauty, but mostly because of the therapeutic features of the sand known as psammotherapy. It will be reopened to travelers on July 1.


Malta is also one of the safest destinations to travel in the summer of 2020. There have been up to 55 times fewer cases of coronavirus than in other European countries.

Riviera bay beach is one of the best choices for this summer where you can distance yourself, relax, and enjoy in beautiful hot summer days.

You can also stay in smaller island Gozo which is ideal for nature lovers, scrub divers, and hikers. We highly recommend it.

It will be reopened to travelers on July 1.


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Algarve is one of the least affected European regions by COVID-19 pandemic and Lagos is its least affected town.

Lagos is an amazing place with traditional shops, trendy coffee shops and bars, magnificent beaches, and many more. Its largest beach is Meia Praia with five kilometers of golden sand. It will also be reopened on July 1, without quarantine requests.


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Lithuania is one more destination perfect for this summer. It has 40 times fewer cases of coronavirus than the most-affected European countries.

Nida is a unique place in Europe ideal to separate from social networks yet offering sustained news channels and reconnection with nature. This heavenly place which is almost cut from the rest of the world has more than a hundred kilometers of fine sand.

It will be reopened on July 1.