Imagine the world in total darkness. Close your eyes. What can you see? It's hard, isn’t it? In front of your eyes there are unclear images, colored by memories, with a lot of emotions. But have you ever wondered how blind and poor-sighted people are experiencing the world around themselves? ,, When I close my eyes I see a gentle light, I don’t have a concept of a color". That’s the touching answer of the man who can’t see.

But Microsoft has a solution

For this reason, Microsoft has created a free app for the blind, and poor-sighted that helps to explore photos with touch.

Actually helps users read printed text in books, restaurant menus, street signs, and handwritten notes, as well as identify banknotes and products via their barcode.

Leveraging on-device facial-recognition technology, the app can even describe the physical appearance of people and predict their mood.

All you need to do is take a photo or open one up in the viewer and tap anywhere on it and you'll hear a description of both the objects in that scene as well as their spatial relationship.

And, the most important thing

Many poor-sighted and blind people feel that loss of vision is actually their blessings.

They’ve developed the ability to see other things and perceive the real picture in different ways. They emit reality in a 3D, observing the world through touch.

Who would know?

Blind and poor-sighted understand technology quite seriously and participate in its adaptation to their needs.

Maybe you didn’t know, and maybe it's ridiculous for you to now that these people use social networks, write, read books, and even program it.

Technology brings some novelties every day, improves people's lives, and eases everyday tasks.

That app narrates about the world around you.

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