During this period, all of us are stuck inside our houses which makes it the right moment to check out some online boutiques and prepare ourselves for summer days after quarantine!

Here are our absolute favorite online boutiques that we highly recommend!


Image source: racked.com

Lulus is for sure one of the best online boutiques! They have so many different styles that apply to any look that you are in the search for. This is my go-on when I'm in need of a new outfit. In addition to a huge selection of clothes, their prices are really affordable. Also, an amazing thing about this boutique is that you can also pay monthly if some prices currently are too much for you to spend, by using the app Klarna. This way you will be able to buy clothes without breaking your bank.


Lime Lush is an online women's clothing boutique where you will find fashionable, comfy, and cutest clothes! This online boutique has just about everything that you are looking for when you are online shopping, from everyday to special occasion clothes. They as well have jewelry, shoes, hats and so on. The best thing is that they have numerous trendy looks to choose from and the lowest prices! So, what are you waiting for?


Shein is another pretty amazing online boutique if you are in search of cute and flirty clothes at great, low prices. They have an amazing selection of dresses, tops, swimsuits, and even things for home decor. Shein offers the right choice of free-spirit, cute, flirty clothes for the upcoming summer days. The quality of their clothes is another great thing so if some clothes are a bit pricey, know that it is for sure worth it. This is a must online boutique to check out!


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The online boutique Zaful is similar to Shein. It has a very good selection of clothes, that won't leave you poor. Their prices are completely affordable and for sure worth the buy. Besides its countless offers,  Zaful is most known for its amazing swimwear offer with great quality and best prices. So if you are looking for some bomb, beautiful or cute swimwear for summer 2020, Zaful is definitely the best place to search for. 



Filly Flair is an online boutique for women's clothing that is very trendy, and hippy chic. You can find just about anything on this site, from amazing shoes to everyday and special occasion dresses. I highly recommend checking this site out if you are looking to try out a new style and buy great clothes at even better prices!


Hazel and Olive is an online women's clothing boutique with lovely clothes and amazing prices. Next to Zaful, this is the best boutique when it comes to the offering of swimwear. Likewise, they have a great offer of jewelry and shoes. This is another astonishing online boutique where you will find everything you need for hot, summer days.


The Mint Julep is an online women's clothing boutique that is your one-stop-shop for all your clothing needs for a vacation. They have hundreds of trendy, adorable, and flirty looks to wear this summer. If you are in search of an online shop that has a beautiful touch of southern style then The Mint Julep is perfect for you!


Impressions is an online boutique for women's clothing with the absolutely best offer of loungewear! If you are stuck inside your house, do not worry because with their cute loungewear you can spice up your quarantine look. Impressions has cutest and chic looks that you need to try!

Are you already familiar with any of these online boutiques and which ones do you plan to check out? Let us know in the comments down below!