Life is unpredictable, nobody knows what is going to happen at the next moment. The presence of positive energy all around your house gives you the power and confidence to get rid of all the life challenges.

Here are some amazing things believed that will bring good luck, positive energy, clarity, and harmony to your home.

1 – Incense stick

Just he wonderful smell of incense stick is already enough to put you in a good mood. Burning incense sticks have been a refinement and purifying ritual for ages. It cleans all the negative energy and ugly odors.

Incense sticks assist in welcoming the positive energy in your personal space because its properties are helping in creating a calm and cheerful atmosphere. The herb that goes into making incense sticks is thought that cleansing the surroundings when it burns, and as a result attracting positive vibes from the atmosphere.

In some cultures, the smoke caused by burning incense is believed to carry your prayers to the heavens. It is also believed that it can calm a scattered mind.

2 – Elephant figurines

In a lot of cultures, elephants are believed to be the most caring and protective animals. They are a sign of prosperity, understanding and loyalty.  So elephant figurines are believed to bring good luck, protection, wealth, wisdom, and likewise, they add strength to a place.

Elephant figurine placed by the front door of a house attracts good luck, wisdom, and strength.

3 – Horseshoes

Since ancient times people have been placing metallic horseshoes over the door in order to keep all bad and evil spirits away and bring good luck to all who enter.

Some believe that pointing the shoe upwards ensures that your fortune never runs out. Likewise, others think that facing it downwards allows the luck to flow into the lives of those who walk beneath it.

4 – Turtle

Black turtles are of particular importance in Chinese astrology, they are seen as guardians since its one of the four celestial animals.

If you place it in the right direction some positive and fresh energy will flow into your home. The presence of the turtle can benefit you in your career or assist in running business operations easily.

It is believed that you should place it in the north of your house or backyard.

5 – Bamboo

The bamboo plant is native to West Africa and some parts of Southeast Asia. This plant symbolizes good fortune and wealth, and it is also believed that it can bring positive changes in your health and love life.

Because of its beautiful appearance and belief that it brings luck, bamboo earned names Goddess of mercy plant and Ribbon plant.

6 – Windchimes

The gentle sound from wind chines assists attracts lingering positive energy. Thanks to the audible brainwave entrainment anxiety, pain, and premenstrual syndrome can be reduced. It also assists in behavioral problems in children.

There is the belief that you should hand metal wind chimes in the West, North, or Northwest zones for attracting good luck for the children.

Wooden wind chimes are for the East, South, and Southeast zones and they bring you growth of the money.

Ceramic ones are ideal for central and northeast zones.

7 – Pig symbol

In German, Norwegian and Irish cultures the pig is considered a lucky animal. Pig farms are known as food banks and a pig is observed as a symbol of luck, prosperity, and fertility.

Pigs are a sign of wealth. Worldwide the piggy-bank symbolizes money and financial gain. If you put a small figure of a pig or piggy-bank near your personal locker, it will attract and protect money.

 8 - Hamsa

Hamsa hand is believed to symbolize peace and blessings. Hamsa wall symbol is usually shaped like the right hand of a person with an eye-like design on the center of the palm that symbolizes the evil that punishes all those who enter the house with any bad intentions. It is supposed to eliminate negative forces.

Hamsa symbol is mostly hung next to the front door.