What can be more dangerous than snake venom and more expensive than gold? The chemical weapon that can destroy a small town with 30 000 residents. This story is about bee venom, which calls APITOXIN.

To bee or not to bee?

It’s an old-new story, that is really popular lately.

You sure know at least one person who has a problem with health, like rheumatoid arthritis, sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, cancerous tumors, liver fibrosis, atherosclerosis, a problem that sterile women have, pain and others. If you wonder how can any toxin cure this health problem, the answer is in the bee.

You know when the bee stings you, and that causes itching, pain, and redness on your skin, that’s because you have in 1 drop 0,2-0,3 mg of toxin which is for 30%  stronger than snake venom.

Let’s see what is Bee Venom?

Bee venom is a colorless secret that presents a very complex mixture of natural products extracted from honey bees such as peptides, enzymes, biologically active amines, and nonpeptide components. 

All these chemical components can be used in bee venom therapy because a growing number of evidence has demonstrated the anti-inflammation, the anti-fibrosis, and the anti-atherosclerosis effects. 

Destroys HIV virus cells?

However, Melittin a compound is the main responsible for the pain when the bee stings you - consists of 26 amino acids. 

It’s the most content component, about 60% of the dry weight of the venom, in the shape of the peptide.

It has very strong antiviral, antibacterial, and anticancer effects which are important in the process of healing. Some study shows that apitoxin can destroy HIV virus cells.

Peptides apamin and adolapin are 2in1cause they act anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, but also can damage the cell, because it contains an allergen, enzyme and phospholipase A2 that causes all of that.

How does it work?

The purpose is to stimulate the body’s immune system so that it can begin to heal itself. When a bee stings you, venom embedded in the skin, and it pumps venom into your body. Then the body sends large amounts of blood and concentrates the healing properties within the blood around the sting site. In order to receive a full dose of venom, the stinger is left in the skin for at least 10-15 minutes. 

Other ways to inject toxin in your body

Besides old fashion ways to sting by a bee, where the stinger is acting as an acupuncture needle, the majority of therapeutically applied bee venom through injection by needles which is a more safe way of taking toxin.

This treatment recommended three times a week, but it’s very important that the treatment area is not treated again until all symptoms of the previous stings have healed.  

Apitherapy = Bee venom therapy

It’s another way for bee venom therapy. Apis is the Latin word for bee, so there is an explanation for the second name of this treatment.

History of poison

Did you know that even Father of Medicine, famous Hippocrates knew bee secret?

 It’s known over 5,000 years, that means that all ancient society like Egyptians, Chinese, and Greek were used.

Besides they were stung directly by a bee, they used it in many other forms. Through product extracts, supplements, moisturizers, and serums, lotions, and lozenges, like we use today also.

Good business

The calculation on the market is that you can earn 30 000-120 000 euros per 1kg bee toxin.

But the catch is that you need a 10 000 of bees for 1g of apitoxin, and that is my dear Life Capture reader about 200-250 beehives.

It’s a gold mining business.