We are all human beings, and naturally we want to present ourselves in a most positive light. When others see us better than we see ourselves acts as a form of self-validation and self-respect. The online world gave us a perfect opportunity to achieve this - enlarging our successes and omitting our failures, to tailor our lives online and everyone to see how everything is going perfectly fine.

Of course, this was only going to go one direction, which is competing. The demand for perfection is getting stronger and more difficult to reach as each day goes by, and we are becoming more insecure.

Well, social media can be a great tool to connect and can really enhance your life in multiple ways, some people made a successful career this way, but it doesn’t affect everyone in such a positive way. Sometimes the things you see on social media are just too much for some people.

Social media can cause a lot of anxiety and insecurities, that a lot of its users end up taking a break from it or shutting down their accounts. Taking a social media detox can really change our view at life, and whenever you feel that you need it, go ahead, there are so many benefits of it.


Social media is the place most people nowadays share their news, which makes it easier than ever for fake news stories to appear on anyone’s feed. Fake news and bad stories are able to spread so rapidly, and affecting the lives of so many people.

People will believe in anything that anyone says on social media, and when the real stories by credible sources are released, many people can’t be sure whether it’s real or not.  As a result, these users can begin to feel anxious about any type of news that they see on social platforms. Even in real life, you can eventually hear bad news, but at least avoid hearing the fake ones.


Honestly, the drama is everywhere you turn when you log into social media. You will easily find an argument in any comment section under any status or picture, see people personally attacking others, judging them, making fun of each other, and sharing a lot of content that might make you feel uncomfortable and stressed out.

Everyone is feeling powerful and free to speak hiding behind their screens! This drama is definitely endless, but when you have the opportunity to remove yourself from it, why not?! Escape from this stressful place and focus on other things.


Social media in fact is like a big popularity competition. Whether we feel this or not, we almost always try to compete to see who is having the most followers and the most friends, to show how much more “popular” we are on social media platforms.

We often look to post statuses or pictures with potentially getting as many reactions as possible or getting comments that will boost our confidence and make us feel important and noticeable. We keep checking our last post to Instagram or Facebook to see how many likes and comments we have received. Is this really countable in real life? Does it really matter? Ask yourself!


A lot of people built so comfortable life through social media that they almost lost the touch with the real world. Social anxiety is real, and a numerous of people struggle with this issue, but you can’t work and live through the pressure of socializing behind a screen. Until when people will keep forcing this? A lot of people got so much into this that they don’t count something happened if they haven’t posted it on social media.

Having a social media detox gives you a great chance to just focus on your family, friends and the rest of the world naturally, and gives you the opportunity to embrace all the moments you live in life instead of letting your phone live them for you. Many of us want the world to pay attention to the way we live and many pay attention to the way others live as well, but we all don’t pay enough attention to our own lives.

Long story short, there is a bigger stage in this world than the platform of social media!