To be honest, who doesn’t want to have long fluttering eyelashes? There are a lot of products for growing your lashes but they cost well and some of them aren’t even good. You can also use good and expensive mascara and fake eyelashes but it is not really a problem solver.

Before buying various products and wasting a lot of money, you should try cheap and effective ways to grow your eyelashes thick and beautiful, and you can see great results after only one month!

Here is a list of these super useful ways.

1 – Combing

Did you know that such a simple activity like brushing your eyelashes can seriously improve their health!? The brushing process makes blood flow toward your eyelashes and it way it stimulates the lashes and they start to grow longer. Likewise, by brushing them it will remove all the dust that accumulates on them.

For this process, you can buy a special eyebrow brush or use an old one from mascara but well washed. Brush them for 5 minutes twice a day and you will be surprised when results come!

2 – Essential Oils

Natural oils like olive, coconut, jojoba argan contain nourishing fatty acids that provide the follicles of your eyelashes with necessary nutrition keeping them healthy and strong. Likewise, they are rich in antioxidants which are so important for fast lash growth.

You can put a few drops of oil you choose on the brush or even your finger and put the oil onto your eyelashes before you go to bed.

3 – Green Tea

Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants that encourage the growth of the lashes and assist them to become longer and thicker. Green tea is the main component in lots of cosmetic products.

Made a green tea and let it cool down. When it is ready, utilize a cotton pad to apply it to the eyelashes. It is best if you can do this 2 times per day.