When you count 30 candles on your birthday cake, it usually signifies that big changes are on their way. Before you get offended, remember that aging is a natural process and everyone will experience it. But what you can do to make it slow down? Our body’s metabolism tapers off once you hit 30.

You might think that osteoporosis is an old people’s disease, but it actually starts at 30. Fertility changes, whether you are just starting a family or you already have children. However, remember that food is a crucial part of the aging process. Choosing the right nutrition can slow aging, so what foods make you age faster?

1 - Sugar

It’s very common for most Americans that they run on sugar. One study showed that Americans eat 66 pounds of sugar every single year! Thinking logically, as metabolism slows, so does the ability to process sugar, which all leads to overweight. All those extra calories are deposited in your “storage fat areas” like hips, stomach, and others. Not only weight problem, but sugar also causes insulin resistance that contributes to fertility, wrinkles and skin sagging.

2 - Beer

Most of the women like to have a glass of beer sometimes, or even every day, but is that actually just a glass of slightly alcoholic fluid? Actually beer is full of calories. The body can’t burn them off easily, so those extra calories feed the beer gut, giving you “beer belly look”. Beer also stimulates higher insulin levels  and that is definitely not what you want in your 30’s.

3 - Brominated Vegetable Oil

Did you know what does the space shuttle and some clear sodas have in common? They both contain brominated vegetable oil. Brominated vegetable oil may cause internal inflammation, nerve problems and in some cases even memory loss. If you have thyroid or fertility concerns, you definitely want to skip this oil.

4 - Margarine

Slathering a bit of margarine on that whole-grain sandwich may be tasty but, it is hard on your 30-something body. Partially hydrogenated and hydrogenated vegetable oils are on the no-no list of heart foods. They can cause chronic inflammation. For men, fertility may be caused from trans-fats, so better stay away from them. They also upset hormones and decreases brain function. Better switch to a tiny piece of butter. Your heart and body will thank you.

5 - Soy

Whole, cooked, organic soybeans appear to be healthy and for a while seemed to be a miracle food, but further researches made doubts. In most foods ingredients list, you can read “may contains soy products”. The problem is the soy oils and filler found in practically everything, which is not good for health. In women, soy may stimulate breast cancer cells and can trigger headaches in some people. You will be smart if you limit your soy intake.

6 - High-mercury fish

Mercury can damage the nervous system, so consuming mercury-rich seafood like swordfish and tuna while pregnant could directly harm the fetus. Because the body can build up mercury stores in your body, you want to avoid high mercury foods is you are trying to get pregnant. Additionally, mercury may also decrease fertility.

7 - Low-fat Diary

Low-fat diaries like milk, yogurt, and other dairy products may contain androgens - male hormones that get left in when fat is removed from. Low-fat foods and drinks may stimulate your body to produce more androgens, which can interrupt your normal menstrual cycle and the following is – fertility problems.

8 - Fried Food

Our body likes healthy fats like omega-3s in fish, olive and coconut oil, and they are good for us, but once you put your food in those oils to fry them, all those oils become carcinogenic! Fats, in general, disrupt the ability of the body to produce enough hormones. To keep hormonal balance in check, avoid anything that is deep-fried. If you really have to, then it’s recommended to use coconut oil.

After all, humans' genes have not changed for thousands of years but the lifestyle has. People are eating more and more processed food, sugars, fat and etc. which makes a huge difference in improving our health and body functions. How healthy people are almost entirely depending on what they put in their bodies.